Kids Valentines Day Card Free Printable

Kids Valentines Day Card Free Printable

Our children are beyond the age for exchanging Valentines with their classmates each year. Boy, were those fun years! I probably enjoyed making homemade Valentines more than they did. Of course, that was way before blogging began, but I sure do wish I would have taken some pictures back then of what we made each year. There were some cute ones!

Even though our kids are teenagers now, I thought I’d have a little fun anyway and create a free printable for an easy Valentine to share with classmates. These cute Valentine’s Day cards are simple to make and pretty inexpensive too. Plus, they’re a candy-free option for a change of pace.

These are easy peasy.

You’ll only need a few simple supplies:

a color printer (unless you print on colored paper

card stock or cover weight printer paper


Xacto blade or utility knife

Valentine pencils

Once you print out the files, using scissors (or an xacto blade) cut out the hearts. Then cut a set of parallel lines long enough for a pencil to slide through, as shown in the photo. Before adding the pencils to each heart, your child can easily sign their name on the back of each heart or at the bottom of the front of each heart. That’s it! These Valentine’s cards can be finished in no time.

Click the red bar below to download the free Valentine printable.

Happy Valentine making! And Happy Valentine’s Day too!

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    I <3 it! I just found a pack of girly pencils in my stash and gave them to my daughter telling her she could let the girls use them for Valentine's. Now I have the perfect Valentine for her! Thanks.

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