Initials, Inc. Giveaway

So glad you stopped by because today there’s a fun giveaway from Initials, Inc, a national home party plan company offering a variety of personalized items like handbags, luggage, insulated food carriers and much more, in many lovely patterns and free personalization options. With Christmas right around the corner, I’m sure you’ll find many gift giving options, and maybe something for you as well!

Initials, Inc. was nice enough to send me one of their new items, an insulated casserole cover, called The Dish, to try out. I chose a pattern, and they personalized it with our family name, so my fancy carrier won’t go missing.

It’s handy dandy for sure. Now I’m ready for that next potluck or tailgating party.


Check out their full catalog and find out more about Initials, Inc. and their company message “There’s only one you” (Love it!), as well as hostess and consultant opportunities by visiting them online at So many cute things y’all!


Have fun checking out all the fabulous finds over at Initials, Inc.!

Thanks for stopping by! xoxoxo

Initials, Inc. provided me with a personalized item but I was not compensated in any other way. Opinions are my own.


  1. 3

    danielle says

    I’d probably get a lunch bag! But the magnetic fridge pockets are awesome too.

  2. 5

    Jennifer Kirby says

    So many to select from; it’s a toss up!
    The Sassybag 180!
    Resort Box Cooler
    Lunch Lady – since i take my lunch to work every day
    Magnetic Pockets – great for an inbox at the office.

  3. 7

    Terry says

    I would have to go with the “back sak”. I have been looking for a string bag that won’t fall apart after a couple of uses.

  4. 11


    I am always looking for stylish bags to go grocery shopping with. I would love to get their Market Tote!

  5. 15


    Great giveaway! I would have a hard time choosing, but I think I would go with the spa wrap…cute pattern! :)

  6. 21

    Stephanie says

    I would probably go with the sassybag 180. But there are so many great things to choose from that I may change my mind :)

  7. 22

    Stacey Young says

    Absolutely love the “Dish” in the Botanic pattern. Also love the jewelry roll, the sassybag with the sassysash, and the flapper!!!

  8. 24

    Ferrol says

    I like the Lunch Lady and the Fridge pockets and the Wristlets and the Get a Grip. So many neat choices, it is hard to choose only one.

  9. 27

    Nancy says

    Either the Market Tote or a lunch bag- which I’ve been meaning to get for ages!

  10. 28

    Denise Helton says

    The item that I would choose were I to win is this:
    B. The Scoop Microfiber. Available in Mum’s the Word (page 17)
    and Mad for Plaid (shown). 21″ single, adjustable strap, zipper pocket on
    exterior back, open interior pockets—perfect for larger Smart Phones and
    quick grab items, zipper closure. 18″w x 15″h x 7½”d 2AA $42.99

    It is a nice size bag, with a catchy Plaid design in my favorite colors. Would look nice with my wardrobe too.

  11. 29

    Morgan Davis says

    So many cool things to choose from!
    I’d have to choose the SassyBag 180 or The Scoop. Either way, it’d be something for me!

  12. 31

    Jennifer Shannon says

    A. SASSYbag 180˚ Large — Love this and it would be perfect to carry ALL that stuff I need.

  13. 33


    That casserole cover is amazing! Think how many church potlucks I could attend without fear of that going missing… how many tailgaters I could serve…

    And then there’s the magnetic pocket… only GENIUS! All the junk on my frig could be orderly junk on the frig!

    Thanks for hostessing this giveaway, Amy!

  14. 35

    Carrie Klapperich says

    Anything in the Mum’s the Word pattern! Love it!! A Lunch Lady in that pattern would be so cool.

  15. 36

    Beth Waters says

    Which would I want: The Scoop, no wait the Resort, no wait the backpack, no the booksleeve, no I want the Resort Cooler. I want it all!!!

  16. 37

    Melissa says

    I think I would put mine toward becoming a creative partner. I’m really considering starting to sell this product.

  17. 38

    Monique Trevino says

    I love everything in that catalog, I am going to purchase the “party bin” in chocolate and the “resort box cooler” in botanic.

  18. 41

    Patricia says

    I would get the Sassy Bag in Harrington. (Of course, I’d need the sash and flower, too.)

  19. 43

    becky says

    Probably the market tote since I don’ t have one and I really really NEED one!

  20. 44


    market tote in indigo! so pretty! and so many uses…not just a market tote! a trip to the beach tote…and carry all my toddler’s sand toys to the park tote….or a pack up a bunch of stuff to take to grandma’s tote…the possibilities are endless. ;)

  21. 46

    Melynda LeMaire says

    I would get the weekender! What a great bad to travel for an weekend trip with! Also a lot of great accessories to go with it!

  22. 49

    Therese.A says

    Either the Lunch Lady in the Mum Stripe, or The Dish. Both look pretty amazing

  23. 51

    Shelby N. says

    hmm…probably the casserole cover. I love a lot of things though, it would take a long time for me to decide for sure. I’m the most indecisive person on the planet I think :( lol Great giveaway!

  24. 54

    Jacqueline Werda says

    Decisions,decisions…Either the Sassy or the Flapper. Love big roomy bags.

  25. 55

    Luann says

    Decisions…decisions! I think I would order a SassyBag 180 if I won with lots of Sassy Sashes to accessorize!:)

  26. 61

    Gigi Cuccaro says

    I would love a personalized The Dish with my name on it. I can never find anything with my name on it!!!!

  27. 64

    melissa emmel says

    the ‘it’s a cinch’ bag in onyx. i’m a plain purse person, but i need a big bag!

  28. 66

    Solducky says

    Love your casserole carrier!
    The chocolate sort-it-all-out bin is neat too!

    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  29. 67

    Lisa N says

    i pack a lunch every day for work so i would definitely want one of the lunch lady bags! super cute and functional :)

  30. 68

    Sondra says

    I really like the casserole dish carrier. That would make a nice wedding gift for my sister. I saw a lot of fun things. I’ll have to remember this when I start my Christmas shopping.

  31. 69

    Darla Mahaffey says

    I would love to have the It’s a Cinch, the Resort Tote, the Book Sleeve, or the spa wrap! I love them alll!

  32. 74

    ShaNawn says

    Oh! I love the large Sassy Bag, but I would have a hard time choosing between mad for plaid and mum.

  33. 75


    The Dish- Botanic- LOVE it! In fact we just went to a dinner with our bible study group (pot luck) and My little rugrat made these amazing brownies for us to take and they came hot out of the oven and I was so wishing I had one of these carrying bags to take it over in!!

  34. 76

    Teressa Harrington says

    There are some great ideas for Christmas gifts , but for my self I would probably get a Its A Cinch bag. So cute

  35. 81

    Martha Brown says

    I’d like to have the Big Bin in chocolate. Lots of room for the grands toys!

  36. 83

    Malia says

    I like the dish and the purses and the storage bins….they have some great stuff!

  37. 85

    Kim B. says

    I would LOVE the large travel tote with the football ribbon trim :) GREAT giveaway!!

  38. 88

    Buccinator says

    I LOVE The Traveler! With my parents living four hours away, and my in-laws living two hours away, and with the holidays coming up, I need a travel bag!

  39. 89

    Natalia says

    I love the black and white big bag in page 20 (I think it’s the “Resort Tote”). Beautiful!
    Thank you!

  40. 92

    Donna G says

    Oh, I like the Flapperin the gray damask. It’s practical AND elegant. Like me ;-)

  41. 96

    Stephanie says

    i would love the Sassybag 180 medium in Mum’s the Word -!
    I would want a red sash :)
    love this thanks for sharing!

  42. 97

    JoJo says

    That SassyBag is just too cute! Thanks for the great new site and chance at a prize!

  43. 103

    Sheila says

    I really like The Scoop bag. Looks like a great travel bag for me, or an over night back for my girls. Thanks for the giveaway. These bags are great. I have a few and they hold up so well!

  44. 107

    Laura Stockman says

    I think I’d have to get that big ‘ole Bible cover. I’ve been looking for one for a long time, and this one just might fit the bill! :)

  45. 109

    Mary Buck says

    It would definately be get a grip but I would love a purse and a sassy sash too. What a great product. Useful and fun.

  46. 115

    Valerie G says

    Tough choice . . . The “it’s a cinch” bag and the resort tote are both super cute!

  47. 117

    Kelly D. says

    The Dish is great! And Sort It Out…love that one, too. The patterns are great!

  48. 118

    Molly K says

    I ADORE the resort tote. Thanks for the introduction to Initials Inc. I will have to check them out!

  49. 119


    Honestly, I want the casserole cover! I attend lots of church get-togethers and this would be PERFECT.

  50. 121

    Cheri V says

    I like the Bucket Bag. I also need something to keep my Nook in. They’re all really cute!

  51. 127

    sharon says

    hmm so hard to choose..the sassy bag 180 looks good. thanks for letting us know about this! great site

  52. 128

    Sheri says

    Wow – cute bags and fabrics! I liked so many of them. I loved the Sassybag Medium and the Resort Tote in the Ironwork pattern. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  53. 129

    Tracey Miller says

    Wow those are really cute, I would love the backpack in the poppy design!

  54. 130

    Lisa A says

    These are great! Although these are two totally different styles, I’m torn between the Resort Tote and the Flapper.

  55. 131

    Becca says

    I really like the Dish, but I know my daughter is in need of the Cinch Duffle for dance.

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