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I can hardly accept that it’s almost November. I was just getting used to September and school starting back. Time is fleeting isn’t it?

Well, I say it’s better to accept reality and move forward into the holiday season on our own instead of being pushed and prodded, or wander through it all in a daze. I’m beginning the process by making a list of gift ideas and thinking about food that may be prepped ahead of time to be ready for those impromptu holiday gatherings. To help in my preparations, I’ve been perusing the holiday selections offered from Harry and David. They’ve really outdone themselves this year. Such a nice collection of goodies with lovely packaging. I’ll certainly be sharing some ideas with my husband for gift giving options for work associates and clients.


Harry and David sent me this basket packed with cookies to sample and has offered one to a random winner here on She Wears Many Hats too! (WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN — GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED)

How about that? Pretty cool.



Check out all the details that this basket holds: Baker City Holiday Cookie Basket Deluxe. The winner can opt to have the prize shipped to themselves or anyone else with a U.S. shipping address.

What I like about this basket of treats is that the cookies come individually wrapped, which is perfect for an office setting, or, as I’ve found, on the kitchen counter for kids who like to grab and go. My two teens have tended to grab just one instead of a handful since they’re individually wrapped. Plus there’s a great variety, so there’s sure to be something that everyone will like.

Also, the basket it arrives in is lovely.



The basket is made of wire, and lined with a natural linen fabric. I can see it being used in all kinds of scenarios. I’m thinking about using it when we have house guests to hold water bottles, snacks and other goodies in the guests room as a welcome.

It’s nice to know that once the goodies are gone, there will still be a gift that the recipient will continue to use. The folks at Harry and David are so smart and creative.

As always, thanks for stopping by! And be sure to check out giveaway details below.

I’m going to grab a cookie.


The winner has been chosen. Giveaway has ended Congratulations to #52 Jessica W. I’ll be contacting you about your prize!

Giveaway details:

To enter leave a comment below sharing your favorite cookie or just say “hello.” 😉

For additional entries:

  • Share on Twitter about the giveaway, and leave a separate comment saying you did so.
  • Share on Facebook about the giveaway, and leave a separate comment saying you did so.

(That gives each person up to 3 chances to enter.)

Entries will be accepted until Thursday, November 1, 2012, Midnight PST. One random winner will be selected and notified via email.
Open for U.S. shipping addresses only.
Winner can opt to have the prize shipped to themselves,
or anyone else with a U.S. shipping address.

Winner receives one Baker City Holiday Cookie Basket Deluxe.


(Many thanks to Harry and David for providing the giveaway and a basket for me to try out. As always, all opinions and statements are my own.)

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  1. 3


    My oven has been broken for over two weeks so right now any kind of cookie would be my favorite. 😉 When it’s fixed this weekend I’m going to bake for days! I’m missing pumpkin whoopie pies most right now.

    I was in your neck of the woods last week for our anniversary get-away. Actually we were at Oconee State Park. I’ll bet the leaves are gorgeous now. They weren’t quite to peak when we were there.

  2. 4

    lauren cook says

    Love love love sugar cookies!!! I would love to try these tasty looking treats!!

  3. 10


    What a fun basket! I love that the cookies are individually wrapped, too. But mostly for my own portion control, not the kids! One of our favorite cookies, especially this time of year, are these chewy ginger cookies from the King Arthur Baking Book. They are perfection!

  4. 12

    Rachel says

    Hi Amy! I would LOVE to win this giveaway. Harry and David is so delicious! My favorite cookie is chocolate chip :)

  5. 21

    Jeffrey says

    I love Chocolate Chip Cookies with toasted pecans. I made some on Monday following a marathon I completed on Sunday. They were the best I ever made, even though I made them exactly the same last time (probably over 2 months ago). Boy did I miss’em!

  6. 28


    Awesome giveaway – I love Harry & David! My favorite cookies are my mom’s frosted sugar cookies – yum!

  7. 32

    Jeanne H. says

    Gorgeous! Harry & David always has the most beautiful stuff. I can’t really pick a favorite cookie – I have too many!

  8. 34

    Erin B says

    Cherry Chocolate Malt Chocolate Chunk cookie… does anyone make this cookie? I’ll give you free room and board and access to lots of puppy love…

  9. 40

    Lori Clement says

    Mmm, what a fun giveaway! My favorite cookie today is chewy chocolate Reese’s, but ask again tomorrow and you’ll get a different answer! Oh the joys of pregnancy cravings!

  10. 45

    Elizabeth H says

    Deciding my favorite type of cookie is pretty much impossible, but it’s between Almond Pillow Cookies and classic chocolate chip cookies!

  11. 46

    Donna I. says

    My favorite cookies are gingerbread. What a beautiful basket! Good luck to all.

  12. 48

    Maureen says

    Right now the grocery store that is near by has a cookie that I just tried recently and it is white chocolate cherry and it is so so good. My husband likes the tried and true chocolate chip though.

  13. 49

    Marianne says

    I guess my favorite cookie is the Snickerdoodle, Oatmeal Raisin would be a close 2nd, followed by Choc-Chip Pecan!! Now I’ve got to find the ingredients and bake tonight, : ) Thank you for the opportunity!

  14. 58

    Logan says

    My mom’s recipe for Wheatie’s Cookies that uses Wheaties or Total cereal with oatmeal, chocolate chips, pecans, and sometimes I add Craisins at Christmas time and use white chocolate chips. They are the BEST!

  15. 62

    pat thomas says

    my favorite is chocolate chip with pecans, but can’t wait to try some new ones I found on pininterest

  16. 63

    Marly says

    I don’t think I’ve ever met a cookie I don’t like, but who can go wrong with chocolate chip! These all look so fabulous!

  17. 64

    Paula - bell'alimento says

    I am in lurve with that basket and the fact that it comes filled with cookies. Swoon. Chocolate Chip all the way.

  18. 70

    sheila says

    i was actually thinking of harry & david as gifts this Christmas. thanks for the cookie basket idea.

  19. 71

    Michelle says

    I can’t narrow down a favorite cookie, so I’ll just tell you what kind I’m craving right this minute: pecan sandies. Love ’em!

  20. 72

    sara says

    Plain old chocolate chip. Those cookies look delicious. You didn’t say we had to share did you?

  21. 79

    barbara n says

    Hello! I love Christmas cookies….any kind from cutouts to mexican wedding cakes

  22. 80

    Karla says

    If I had to choose one favorite it would pprobably be chocolate chip or something with chocolate in it. I’m not picky though and I always like to try something new.

  23. 83

    Ellie says

    I’m sorry is that chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips? Mmmm, those are the best and my diet can use a little cheat day 😉

  24. 89

    Sarah T says

    I always love a good Peanut Butter cookie… especially one with lots of chocolate chunks!

  25. 90

    Diane says

    My Favorite cookie is a warm gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie!
    I am a Hugh Fan of Harry and David!!!

  26. 91

    Shelly says

    I don’t think I can pick a favorite cookie because I love chocolate chip and peanut butter equally!

  27. 92

    Mel C says

    I love sugar cookies! I have to buy them because for some reason they are one cookie that I cannot get right.

  28. 99

    Molly says

    My favorite is, and always will be, the chocolate chip cookie! Thank you very much. :)

  29. 102

    MaryB says

    My favorite cookie is an iced sugar cookie….or oatmeal raisin, or brandy snaps…gosh, hard to pick just one!

  30. 103

    Teresa says

    My favorite cookies are meringue and chocolate chip!
    I love sugar cookie cut outs not frosted but sugared. Yum!

  31. 104

    Sherry D. says

    What a beautiful basket of goodies! My favorite cookie is almond spritz with almond glaze.

  32. 118

    pbenjaytoo says

    I REALLY love cookies! Hard to pick a favorite-but at this time of the year, Molasses Ginger Cookies (the chewy kind).

  33. 122

    Jennifer says

    I think my two favorite cookies are…..chocolate chip & peanut butter. I love the classics!

  34. 141

    KristinaYellow says

    My fav cookie depends on my mood…but more than likely it’s involving chocolate!

  35. 143

    Donna G says

    My favorite cookie is the one on the back of the Ginger People’s can. I admit to a lack of restraint last year when I made them for a Christmas get-together. I ate almost ALL the ones I left at home.

  36. 149

    Cindy says

    I love Harry and David. When the Christmas catalogs are delivered, I get giddy. How they make a simple pear look so beautiful I have no idea. I love white chocolate macadamia cookies! AQND their Moose Munch is awesome.

  37. 150

    Wanda Moncrief says

    My favorite cookie is not too sweet – Pecan Sandies – great with tea or coffee!!

  38. 158

    LeighC says

    I love snickerdoodle cookies – so yummy. I just started thinking about christmas gift ideas – thank you for lovely idea. I will go visit their site!!

  39. 159

    Jeanmarie says

    My favorite cookies are Chocolate Chip and Carrot Cookies…couldn’t pick just one!

  40. 166

    Chris @ Artisan Collection says

    My all time favorite cookie comes from Cooks Illustrated Mag.,” Best Chocolate Chip Cookies”
    and “oh, they are!” Nice give away!

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