Frozen Coconut Limeade

Frozen Coconut Limeade

Frozen Coconut Limeade gets me singing.

Put the lime in the coconut and mix it all up?

Or put the coconut in the lime and stir it all together?

Nope, put the lime and the coconut in the blender and blend it all up.

And that’s all she wrote. Frozen Coconut Limeade

Frozen Coconut Limeade only take two ingredients, some ice, a splash of water and you’re done. (See non-alcoholic substitutes below.)

Frozen Coconut Limeade

Simple. Refreshing. So very perfect for summer.

I won’t bore you with rambling on and on about this delicious drink. It’s way too easy not to try at least once. See for yourself.

Frozen Coconut Limeade
Prep time
Total time
Two ingredients, some ice and a splash of water and you're done. (See non-alcoholic substitutes.)
Serves: Makes about 3 servings.
  • 5½ cups ice
  • ⅝ cup coconut rum (for non-alcoholic version, substitute cream of coconut, like Coco Lopez)
  • 4-5 tablespoons frozen limeade concentrate (substitute lemonade version if you'd like)
  • ⅛ cup water
  1. Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth.



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  1. 5

    SMITH BITES says

    yes . . . it was . . . mighty . . . fine . . . yes indeedy . . . it was . . .

  2. 8

    TidyMom says

    YES PLEASE!……..we are expecting another day of record breaking heat, this just might take the edge off the heat!

  3. 10


    Oh my gosh, this is seriously the best drink ever! I’m definitely going to have to make this! I’ll have to make the limonade from scratch because I haven’t been able to find anything similar since moving to the UK.

  4. 13


    This sounds delightful. Perfect for hot summer days. I love the coconut addition rather than just regular, old rum.

  5. 15

    Georgia Pellegrini says

    I would love one of those right now. Well maybe not right now since isn’t it taboo to drink before noon? At noon I would like one though.

  6. 16


    This looks so refreshing! My friend makes margaritas with limeade too – she adds one container of limeade, refills the container with tequila and adds that, and adds one can of beer. Then she blends with ice. It’s a summer favorite!

  7. 20

    Aggie says

    I’m with Jessica…this is my dream drink and I’m making it when I get home!! I can just see you sitting in your kiddie pool drinking this, :)

  8. 21

    Funkytime says

    Oh wow, I will try this today, surprise for my hubby, he loves everything coconut!

  9. 22


    What a wonderful idea. I am really digging on coconut lately, and paired with the lime – perfection.

  10. 24

    kim-todays creative blog says

    Miss Amy, YOU have been featured today on Today’s Creative Blog!

  11. 25


    Hey Amy! This sounds so refreshing and yummy! I love coconut rum because it adds so much flavor but not a lot of calories like coconut milk! I’m bookmarking this recipe now and su-ing. Have a great weekend 😉

  12. 27

    DK says

    This is the official drink of my group of friends (costumers who particularly enjoy being pirates). We call it the Yo Ho Ho.

  13. 29

    Laura says

    amy, this looks refreshing and delicious. perfect for this hot weekend coming up :)

  14. 30

    Frannabelle says

    Hi Amy! My first drive by! Oh this is so ringin’ my bell! I’m going over my dear friend’s house to celebrate her birthday, which was on June 16th. I am so bringing this! I also just forwarded your link on Newlin barns to another friend who is a barn lover and photographer here in North GA. (that would be, “Nawth Jaw Ja”.) LOL! Love your blog and I’ll be back! Running to liquor store for coconut rum! Oh..and you can blame Pioneer Woman for this drive by!

  15. 31

    Gabbie says

    Years ago when I was in the Virgin Islands, I bought a bunch of flavored rum, including coconut. I can’t wait to try this!

  16. 32

    LynneA says

    Who knew there was such an animal as coconut rum?! What a tempting combo — I may give my sister a “rum” for her money (she makes yummy frozen “Maggie-ritas”) at our next family gathering. And the sunlit lime (hah! limelight!) is divine. :)

  17. 36

    Judy F. says

    I made this virgin style- so delicious! We loved the cream of coconut – and limeade is my husband’s favorite juice. How could it not be a major hit?!

  18. 39

    Randie says

    Thanks for including a non alcoholic version–as we will use this for our whole family.

    • 44

      Maureen says

      How can I adapt this to a make-ahead drink (not a frozen one)? I don’t want to be mixing drinks while hosting a party.

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