Flour, flour everywhere and a giveaway.


Earlier this week my good friend Jennifer came over and an attempt to try to plan ahead some baked goodies for the holidays, we set about to baking. Jennifer is not just a good friend, she’s my baking friend. And while I’m learning a bunch about baking as I go, she’s sorta my security blanket – and nice company too.


Cinnamon rolls from the brand spanking new cookbook, “The Pioneer Woman Cooks” by Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) were the choice for the day.


We had fun playing in the flour, mixing and all.



And the recipe was easy to follow with photos for each step along the way for guidance.


The cinnamon rolls rocked with maple icing – yum!


There will be some happy folks ’round here come December (or tomorrow).

And yes, I’m still cleaning up flour. But they’re so worth it.

The cinnamon roll recipe is just one of the treasures you can find in “The Pioneer Woman Cooks.” The cookbook is busting at the seams with fantastic photography and tasty eats.

There are cute horsey pictures…


and cute doggie pictures…


and cute cow pictures…


and other cute pictures throughout.


Oh, yeah and the food…


real food…


real good food…


and butter.

If you haven’t heard of The Pioneer Woman, you should check out her site where Ree weaves her humor and genuine, no fluff stuff with her talented hand to bring delight and a more than a few chuckles to her devoted readers daily.

And Ree and I?

We go way back.

Nah, not really.

Not at all.

Other than a chance meeting a few months back, where I said something ding-dongy in my grand style, we don’t know each other at all. But if we had met long ago I’d hope we would’ve been fast friends and then I could say now we go way back and all but…nevermind…

From what I know and have heard from many that do know her so well, she’s cool. She’s kind. She’s real. She’s funny and everything else you would want to say about a friend if you could say that you go way back with.


Guess what? Today you have a chance to win one of her cookbooks. Two (2) randomly selected winners will become the proud owners of a “The Pioneer Woman Cooks” cookbooks.

Just answer this question…

What is your favorite quality in a friend that you “go way back” with? Do they make you laugh? Do they make you cry? Do they do your laundry?

Anyway, just answer the question (only one entry per person) and you’ll be entered to win. You have until Monday, November 9 at 9 p.m. EST.* Winners will be announced Tuesday, November 10 so be sure to check back to see if you’ve won and if you did to claim your prize.

Be sure to tell all of your friends too – you wouldn’t want them to miss out on all of the fun!

(*Daylight Savings Time is not being recognized at this time by my blog settings so contest has been extended until Midnight 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time, 11/9/09.)

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  1. 1


    Hello, dear Amy! I have the book and have been drooling over what to make first. I’m thinking the sheet cake. I would love to win this book to give as a gift to my mom, though. :)

    My favorite quality? Just knowing that they will ALWAYS been there for me, no matter what. I love the sense of love and security.

  2. 2

    Sharon says

    I do so love PW’s website!
    My favorite quality….someone I can be real with, they love me warts and all.

  3. 3

    Carrie Whitlock says

    Those cinnamon rolls look to die for. YUM! My favorite quality is knowing that no matter how I feel at any particular moment that she is there on the other side to listen to me talk about anything and everything. She always has an open mind and great advice.

  4. 4


    How lucky you are to have a baking friend ~ I’m envious! It’s good to see that your cinnamon rolls turned out wonderfully. I just finished reading Ree’s book last night – cover to cover. I am intimiated by yeast, but may be brave and try those rolls.

    Great photos!

    I have a good friend and we go back about 20 years. She owns a knitting store in town so I guess we get our “knit together”. She’s taught me all I know about knitting and I still have a lot to learn.

    I know I already own Ree’s cookbook, so if I do happen to win, I want you to know I have a special sister that would receive it as a Christmas gift; or take me out of the drawing – it’s your decision.

    I just wanted to pop in today and let you know I’m glad you posted about those scrumptious rolls.

  5. 5

    Tiffany S. says

    The quality I like best in my friend that goes way back to the 3rd grade is she will listen. No matter how ridiculous I may sound. She’ll offer advice and because she knows me so well, realizes how I will receive it best! I really would love to have this cookbook. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. 6

    SAS says

    I have a handful of friends that I go WAY with, I mean back to the 70s. These girlfriends of mine are really like family – like sisters. They stayed friends with me when I had big hair and parachute pants, they danced Michael Jackson moves with me late into the night (even though I can’t dance), and they tell me the truth when they don’t like my new hair style. But the best thing about old friends (and sisters)is that they don’t judge me- they love me just the way I am – flaws and all.

  7. 7

    Lindsey says

    The thing I love about my best friend is her laugh. It’s infectious and loud and just great to hear. And it calms me immediately. And the fact that we can sit in silence for hours and there is no awkwardness. And that when we bake together, she takes complete control and i get to sit back and sample the goodies :)

  8. 8


    I was having a family emergency and had one of those Sunday mornings when I did not have enough energy or “want-to” to get dressed for church. About 15 minutes past time for church to start, someone knocked at my door. I had on nothing but my nightgown but went to the door and peeked. There stood my best friend who had waited to see if I were going to be at Sunday School and when it was obvious that I couldn’t make it, she got up from class, went to her car and drove to my house. We didn’t do anything but cry and pray but I love that she loved me enough to just come and sit and let me cry. If I win a cookbook, I think I’ll give it to her since I already have one.

    I’m loving your blog. Thanks WYFF-4 for the tip. ~Martha

  9. 9

    Crystal says

    My fav quality in my best friend is that we can go weeks (or sometimes a month) without talking, but when we do pickup the phone or meet for lunch, we pick up right where we left off. She is never mad at me for not calling and loves me not matter what. I love that!!

  10. 10

    Denise says

    My friend, Jane, and I met our freshman year in college (24 years ago) when we lived next door in our dorm. She’s smart, beautiful, fun, and encourages me in my faith in Christ…I love her dearly! We’ve shared lots of laughter, tears, secrets, and some of the most memorable events in our lives. Because we both have busy families, we may go months at a time without seeing each or talking. Then when we get together we immediately reconnect and don’t want the time to end. She is a jewel…a true sister of my heart. (She would do my laundry if I needed her to…she’s helpful that way!)

    You and Jenn can send some of those cinnamon rolls this way… :-)

  11. 11

    Miss Wisabus says

    One of my most dear, Delisa. We “met” in the nursery at church and we have been friends ever since. We were in each other’s weddings and it’s just amazing how we can still click after being apart for months at a time. I love her.

  12. 12

    Mom says

    The best quality to have in a friend or to have as a friend is to love unconditionally. One that can listen without judging. One that you can sit with in silence and still know you are with someone special. Some one that laughs, cries or just smiles when you do. Hey, that’s my sister!

  13. 13

    nancy says

    My sister is my best friend and what I love about her most is the laughter we share. she is always there with a ready smile and joke to cheer me up when I am down. Love your site, such fun!

  14. 14

    Rachael says

    I love PW….I actually won a beautiful kitchen aid mixer through her website last year!!

    My favorite quality in my old friends would have to be their sense of humor, and down-to-earth personalities. I also appreciate friends that you can go awhile and not have a chance to talk or see each other, but when you do it’s like nothing changed and there’s no need to explain why you haven’t called, visited etc,. Just REAL people!!

  15. 15

    jodi @ back40life says

    my fav quality is that no matter how often (or not) you see each other, you can always pick up where you left off & they come through in the important times.

    love your post!

  16. 16


    Ree is in Utah, I am going to her book signing tonight. I can’t wait:) I love your photos! Great post. I am lucky to have wonderful friends. The qualities I admire are: good listeners, friends that remember special dates/events, a fun sense of humor, dependable, and food friends are always good to have:)

  17. 17

    Kim O'Brien says

    first of all…Jennifer, when I get back, will you make me some of those yummy looking cinnamin rolls?
    quality in a friend: knowing that sometimes a person wants to hang out, talk, goof off or whatever, but sometimes the person just needs a friend to listen.

  18. 18


    The ability to be totally myself…all aspects of me and love those moments when we get totally beside ourselves with laughter over the smallest of things. I have about 4 really awesome friends that I’ve grown up with. They are the best!

  19. 19

    Paula says

    My best friend Denise always is on my good side because she can make me laugh. Even if we don’t talk for days at a time, we always pick it right back up with laughter.

  20. 20

    Deborah R. says

    My oldest and dearest friends are always there for me – no matter what life brings – offering words and gestures of encouragement and some laughter along the way.

  21. 21

    Rachel says

    Great giveaway! My oldest friends are truly amazing people. They are kind and generous and even though we live far apart, every time I see them I an instantly comfortable with them again.

  22. 22


    YUM! That cookbook looks fabulous too ha ha.
    One of my greatest friends ever birthday was today. I told her that she’s been someone I can laugh with and someone I can cry with. We can share all ranges of emotions with eachother and that creates such a deep bond between us. To me, the more real and honest you can be with a friend, the better!

  23. 23


    I have 2 dear and close friends who are sisters and we have been friends for over 25 years. There hasn’t been any event in the lives of my family including the lives of my in-laws, where they have not been there with their love and support. I tell people that if I died suddenly, they know to go immediately to my house and straighten up to make it presentable for visitors. (I’m not embarrassed to let them see the mess that the house can get in from just living life.)They are my extra special peeps:)

  24. 24

    Michelle says

    Again, your photos in this post are fantastic! And they made me hungry…
    I am so lucky to have friends that go all the way back to 3rd grade, middle school, high school and college. The characteristic that they all have in common is that our relationship is strong, no matter how much time passes between our visits or phone calls. We feel connected, just like where we left off the last time. Thanks for the great post!

  25. 25

    Mireille says

    What is your favorite quality in a friend that you “go way back” with? Do they make you laugh? Do they make you cry? Do they do your laundry?

    My favorite quality in my best friends is that even though we don’t see each other a lot you know that they are always there for you. And when we meet it feels like yesterday was the last day we saw each other, it feels instantly good!

  26. 26


    I love this post! The cookbook looks so pretty!

    To answer the question My friend Lesley that I met in 2ND grade. I would have to say she makes me laugh the most, she knows me better then anyone, through all of our growing up together. All the crazy things I have done, she knows who I really am inside. When ever we get together it is like we see each other everyday.

  27. 27

    Dana says

    I’m glad to see someone else’s kitchen gets a little messy besides mine! I still haven’t gotten my book and I’m bummed. Those rolls have always called to me. Did you put them all in the freezer?

  28. 28

    Annette says

    Her cookbook looks awesome! I love all of the pictures. My favorite quailty of my oldest friend is that though we live miles apart and sometimes go a while before seeinng each other when we are together we can just pick up were we left off and it like we never spent a day apart. We always have the best time together, and it is like we are kids again. :)

  29. 30

    tina says

    those friends simply make me feel comfortable & loved.

    great pic of jennifer, by the way!

  30. 31

    Jeff says

    PW has a great website and it’s how I found your website. I think the best quality in a true friend is the quality of listening. Listening goes beyond hearing the words being spoken by a person. Listening involves hearing words with you heart not your ears. A good friend listens and responds with their heart, that place on the inside of them where God dwells. You may not always like what those friends have to say to you, but deep down on the inside you know they love and care for you. They are usually the ones you run to because in the end they always have the answer that is right and is in your best interest.

  31. 32

    Suzi says

    Ree is fabulous and we love her site and her recipes. Old friends are the best friends, the near and dear to your heart friends. Even though you don’t see them everyday it feels just like you did. We are blessed to have them

  32. 33

    jenn3250 says

    The best quality in my “way back” best friend is, she cares. She’s right there with me through thick and thin. I think that’s what friends are for. We are here to lift each other up, encourage one another, and to help.

    Also, Ree is awesome.

  33. 34

    Krista says

    Hi there, would love to have the book. I read her blog all the time. The best quality for me would be that I always have fun – no matter what we do. we could be walking, doing yoga, drinking, whatever. I always know that it will be fun and enjoyable.

  34. 35

    C.T. says

    It can get tough keeping in touch with good friends that you can go “way back” with. But for me, her best quality would have to be how good of a therapist she can be. She listens to me yap about my problems and never judges! Also, I love how even after months of not being able to meet up, we can meet and it’s just like the old days.

  35. 36

    Audrey says

    My best friend used to wax my bikini line before every vacation together…now that’s true friendship.

  36. 37

    Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden says

    My friends’ best qualities are that they are there when you need them, whether it’s to laugh, cry, or to do your laundry for you!

  37. 38

    Carrie says

    My friends best qualities are that I know I can always count on them for anything, they are fun and easy to hang out with, and even if I don’t see or talk to them everyday, it feels like we have when we are together again.

  38. 39


    You know, I have given away a copy of this book and sent it to someone as a thank you… but I don’t have my own copy!

    What I love about my best friend is that we can go any length of time without seeing each other or talking to each other and its like no time has passed… only we have more to gab about.

    I’ll spread the word about this!

  39. 40

    Michelle says

    My “way back” friend is quite conservative. Throughout the years she seems to be evolving by surprising me with her more “liberal” thoughts. I have known her since the fifth grade. I thought we would grow apart more the older we get but we seem to be getting closer which makes me very happy because she is a wonderful listener, even if she doesn’t always agree with me.

    I would love to give her this book and pick one up for myself. We send each other online recipes to share all the time.

  40. 41


    Wow. Your blog is amazing. I don’t feel worthy! But hey I would still love a chance to win a cookin’ book as my daughter calls it!

    My favorite quality in a friend is acceptance. One who takes me for who I am, good and bad, and still loves me.


  41. 42

    Traci says

    My favorite quality in the friend I go way back with is understanding. The two of us have been through thick and thin together and I always know that no matter what, she’ll be a shoulder when i need one to cry on

  42. 43

    Tamar Erlich says

    My favorite quality in a friend is being supportive and truthful.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  43. 45


    Love the cinnamon rolls and nothing like some fresh from the oven. I’ve been hearing so much about PW’s book that I have to get me my own copy real soon. Lovely pictures of the rolls and I do so like your blog banner.

  44. 46

    linda says

    i have 2 “go way back with” friends…dear, honest, trustworthy, kind, & can always count on them…although we all live many hours from each other the warmth & generosity of spirit & soul knows no bounds.
    thanks for including me in this fab giveaway.

  45. 47


    My “go way back with” friend has been there for me through thick and thin. Through the loss of a pregancy, through being diagnosed with cancer, through the birth of my rugrats, through a couple of my rugrats turning into teenagers, through the loss of a good friend. No matter what is going on in my life, she is there to laugh with or to cry with. I love her deeply and cherish her. True friends….there is not much better than that.

  46. 48

    Karen says

    A few weeks (or longer) can pass when we are too busy to chat, but we always pick up exactly where we left off. Also, I love her because she pulls no punches. Thanks for the giveaway! I love PW.

  47. 49

    Jennifer says

    We’ve been friends since we were five, and my favorite quality is that mysterious kindred-spirit-ness. I have so many memories of laughing ourselves sick over nothing.

  48. 50


    I have been a fan of the Pioneer Woman for years and those rolls with maple frosting look outstanding!
    I love to laugh with a friend, new or old. Laughter is the best!

  49. 51

    Kassy says

    My favorite quality in a friend is someone that you can just be yourself with. Talking, laughing, joking, crying, good and bad times, etc. That’s what good friends are for!

  50. 52

    Lori @ RecipeGirl says

    This is the recipe I’d like to make next!! I have the Beans & Cornbread on my blog today. Don’t you just adore the cookbook?

  51. 53

    Memoria says

    I don’t have many long-time friends, except for my mom and my now ex-girlfriend. So, I would say that my favorite quality about them is how we can be real with each other and still love each other, no matter how crazy and insane we can be at times. *sniff sniff* *tear* :)

    I looked at Ree’s cookbook today at Borders wishing I could buy it. It is perfectly her; a perfect encapsulation of who she is. I hope I win.

    Oh, and your cinnamon rolls look awesome. I’ve yet to make that recipe. I will have to do it later because I already made some (and blogged about them). Lovely photos!

  52. 54

    Jennifer says

    My favorite friend is my twin sister… she and I are like two peas in a pod, so whenever times are tough, she understands completely. We can be completely honest with each other, and we will love each other unconditionally. I love those traits in a friend.

  53. 55

    Pikko says

    My favorite trait in a good friend is someone that you can be sharing funny stories with and you finish each others sentences. Someone that you can laugh with for hours over conversation.

  54. 56


    My favorite quality in a friend is honesty….no phony baloney…….we are who we are and we accept each other the way we are….and love each other for that.

    AND no matter how much time passes…when we are in touch either by phone, email, or in person, we can go into a fit of laughing until our stomachs hurt…. :)

  55. 57


    My favorite quality in a friend is honesty, I like the way Carol put it, “no phony baloney.” We have our private jokes, we rarely go without talking either by phone, email or text, if not in person. We are closer than we are with some family members. Friends are the family you choose. :) (Is it wrong for me to enter your giveaway when I have my own?)

  56. 58

    Visible Voice says

    I think my favorite thing from my friend, whom is my soul mate friend, is that we could go MONTHS without talking…or a day without talking…and NEVER run out of things to talk about.

  57. 59

    Becky says

    My friends will tell it to me like it is. They are honest with me, but they care about me. I am really blessed to have a lot of friends like that.

  58. 60

    Ashlee says

    I love the way my best friend always knows when somethings wrong and always does little things to make things better.

  59. 63

    Amy L says

    My favorite quality in a friend is loyalty. I like having friends who I know will always be there, no matter what.

  60. 64


    Me and my best friend go waaaaaaaaaay back. Like probably farther back than most. My favorite quality? Her honesty. If something doesn’t look, taste, smell, seem right… she lets me know and I fix it before someone else notices. Oh yeah, and she doesn’t judge me when something doesn’t look, taste, smell, or seem right. :-)

  61. 65

    Taylor says

    Being able to sit with her, neither one of us saying a word, and still having a wonderful time.

  62. 66

    Angie says

    I love being around my friend because of his great sense of humor and talking to him about anything.

  63. 67

    Denise says

    My favorite thing about ‘go way back’ friends is just being known and understood.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. 68

    Vanna says

    I love her humor and her ability to make people smile. She’s also a great listener, even if she is a goofball! ^_^

  65. 69

    sandra says

    my friend and i go way back even though we’re such opposites (religion and politics) but we both respect each others opinions and celebrate the differences. and she’s so laid back that it’s wonderfully calming to be around her.

  66. 70

    Mercedes says

    What I love most is that she will eat anything I prepare, even though she’s the greatest peaky I have ever met… I know I can call her anytime, and she can the same thing. And best of it, is that she doesn’t bother if we’re bth at the coach after dinner and I fell asleep after a long day of work, that’s just how I am!

  67. 71


    My oldest friend is not necessarily my ‘closest’ friend, but somehow she’s more like a sister – we laugh a lot and have fun together, but we can also be totally ourselves, even if ourselves are cranky or irritating. I think having someone you can be totally comfortable with is so important. I suppose she’s like a sister in that whatever goes on in our lives, or however long it is since we’ve seen each other, you sort of have this bond underneath it all.

  68. 72

    Buckeroomama says

    Two of my VERY good friends from “way back” (think first grade) are the ones who “get” me –without me having to explain myself. I can be myself with them –goofy, cranky, happy, sad –and know that it’s totally okay.

  69. 73

    Leslie says

    The thing I love the most about the friend I go way back with is that HE is always laughing. When I start to take life too seriously – and that happens a lot – his laughter always shakes me out of it.

  70. 74


    My best friend and I have been friends since grade school (over 30 years). One of the things that I value most about her is her honesty. She tells it like it is (in a nice way) and takes no prisoners! I know I can always count on her to tell me the truth, even if I don’t want to hear it.

    Love the cinnamon rolls! I’m going to have to track down Ree’s book!

  71. 75

    Andrea says

    I get to spend every day at work with my best friend…she knows me better than myself. She knows when I’m upset or hurt sometimes before I do and she’ll protect me from evil powers no matter what the consequences!

  72. 76


    I love PW! I love seeing all her gorgeous recipes and the pictures are absolutely amazing.
    I like having a good laugh with a friend who knows when to keep a secret and knows how to cheer me up when I’m down.

  73. 77


    My closest friend and I laugh… We ALWAYS think that the other one is really funny ( even if others do not ). I know that this sounds pretty simple, but to me our laughter clears out all of the stress and hurt that may be in my head at that time. She brings out the light from my dark days and for that I am truly grateful.

  74. 78

    Yelena says

    My favorite quality about my friend is that we can make each other laugh at any time :)

    You website is wonderful :) Love it!

  75. 79


    No matter how long we are apart, when we finally get to see each other, it’s like no time has passed….there is such a comfort in a ‘forever, no matter what’ kind of friend!

  76. 80

    Kimberly Beth says

    I would say that my favorite quality in a friend I go way back with is that she knows me so well that we can just be together without even speaking and we can read each other. It is like our hearts are knit together.

  77. 81

    Lynne says

    In life,you will have very few true friends. Most friendships come and go through changes in your life, but a true friend is one that will remain that “constant” no matter what. A true friend knows you! They sense when your are happy, or sad; want to talk, or don’t want to talk. This friend is always an encouragement but is strong enough to give you the truth when you need it most. A true friend knows some of your deepest secrets but never tells. A true friend is a gift from God.

  78. 82

    kimberley p. says

    The absolute best quality in a friend – that they will be there when it gets ugly. I have one of those friends, who stayed when my life imploded and my mom died, and she was the reason I made it thru to the other side.

  79. 83

    Linda Anne says

    Those rolls look incredible! A good friend will do all those things and more, whatever it takes.

  80. 84


    The best quality in a friend is someone who is there for you no matter what and someone who knows all about you and loves you just the same!

  81. 85

    Maggie says

    I love that you dont have to say everything for your friends to know what you mean, just that level of understanding…

  82. 86

    Jessica says

    She tells me like it is. There’s no need for her to sugar-coat anything!

  83. 87

    Maureen says

    The fact that they know me so well and completely accept me. Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  84. 89

    Jackie says

    I love the way that no matter how long it’s been since we been together there is never any awkwardness. We laugh at each others jokes, and cry with each others pain and the best of all eat each others cooking!

  85. 90

    Jackie says

    The comfort of knowing no matter how long it has been, they will always be there for you. The laughing until you cry days or nights are always the best.

  86. 91

    Emily D says

    My oldest, dearest friend is honest and straightforward, yet never judgmental. She’s also very enthusiastic, which is comforting.

  87. 92

    Jennifer B says

    I have been friends with one person for 24 years – we met in 5th grade – at this point in our lives the history we have is a bind that will never be broken! She knows me to the core as I do her, and that is priceless. It doesn’t hurt either that she always makes me laugh!

  88. 93

    Sarah says

    My close friends make me laugh, all the time. They also don’t take themselves too seriously! But I know that they would also be there for me anytime.

  89. 94

    Mimi says

    She doesn’t get her feelings hurt when I put my family first. There’s no pressure to perform and be who I’m not. I can also say things that might shock, but she’s okay with it. No masks, no pretense. Just real.

  90. 95

    Angie B says

    My best friend is someone I can be totally honest and totally ME with. I don’t worry about what she will think because she loves me for who I am–warts and all.

  91. 96

    Lauren says

    My best friend knows what I’m trying to say when I can’t get the right words and start miming things instead. Thanks for the giveaway!

  92. 98

    CottageGirl says

    One of my oldest friends truly listens to me … and she has a great sense of humor! I always feel renewed when we visit!

  93. 99

    Jessica says

    I love being able to see my two oldest friends after a year or two apart and go right back to the way things were–we just get along really well.

  94. 100


    My favorite trait in a friend that goes waaaay back is someone that is understanding and puts up with my shenanigans. =P

  95. 101

    Bran says

    My friend Laura & I have been friends since 2nd grade. Our fathers were both in the military and we lived in base housing. We always stuck up for each other and we were fortunate that our Dads were always stationed near each other. Even though we are both in separate states (and about 25 or years older) we are still each other’s support blanket. No matter what, I can count on her to be here in an instant if something were to happen or if I just was desperate for a friend. And of course, I’d always do the same for her.

  96. 102

    Chrystal says

    That she knows what’s on my mind before I say it.

    When my mom died 5 years ago, she knew without my having to say those awful words, just by looking at my face. She didn’t say anything she just ran and wrapped her arms around me.

    Love you Melanie.

  97. 103

    katrina says

    My sister in law mandi. She loves to bake as much as I do, and the kitchen is never a dull place with both us in it.

  98. 104


    Genuineness – I love those people that are truly themselves and make you feel comfortable being who you genuinely are as well – goofiness, flaws, and all.

  99. 106


    I’m hoping you are not nearly as widely read as PW cause the last time I entered to win that flashing red mixer, there were 33,700 entries ahead of me! And, Yep, checked today and I am NOT a winner. So…back to your block, and not that I wish you to be unpopular or anything like that, but here I am, thanks to Dandy over at Spontaneous Clapping (did I spell that right?…not the clapping! Oh, my!, the Spontaneous!!!)…Anyway, she said to come on over (to here) and here I am. AND there are only 106 readers ahead of me, so I figure 1 out of 107 chances is an awful lot better chances than one out of 33,700. Sorry…drank too much coffee today.

    Your question: What is your favorite quality in a friend that you “go way back” with? Do they make you laugh? Do they make you cry? Do they do your laundry?

    Today I visited such a friend. Hadn’t seen her in ages. She and I went through a lot of mud together, as in “we were both in the bottom of the pit of our lives” at the time. Through all of that, she was my friend, no matter what. We laughed together today. Then we stood in the sunshine at the curb, talking some more, glad that we were neither one of us still in that awful pit. Then I climbed in my car and drove the 40 miles home. Cry? Yeah, we both probably cry over the things that happened when we were in the pit. But when we’re together, we laugh. I can’t say that she ever did my laundry, though. But then, I never asked her to. But we did have a glass or two of wine together, more than once. She was and is a good friend. Mostly because she just likes me no matter what.

  100. 107

    Robyn says

    My favorite quality in my “bestie”, is that we respect each other. This is the only word that I have thought of to describe our amazing friendship. We nurture our emotions and are there for each other through thick and thin. We’ve cried together and laughed out loud AT and WITH each other. We support each other’s goals and encourage one another to step outside of our comfort zones. My bestie and I have been able to help one another by sharing our strengths – I help her finish projects and she helps me in return. Despite living 6 hours apart – we make the best of our distance and rock life together. Thanks for this awesome contest!

  101. 108

    Ida says

    I would say just time. I love my friends that I don’t need to “do” anything with. Just hanging out.

  102. 110

    Kim says

    The quality I value most in my two “way back” friends is their knack for being totally and genuinely honest with me. A friend who cares so much about you that they can tell you when you’re wrong is a friend I value above all others.

  103. 113

    Kim says

    I have a dear friend that I don’t get to see much any more, but when we do get together we just pick up where we last left off. It’s like we were never apart. I love having close friends that know me (inside and out) that well.

  104. 114

    Diana says

    No matter how long it has been since we have seen each other or even talked, we can pick right up where we left off….

  105. 115


    My favorite quality in a friend that I go way back with is our uncanny ability to hang out day after day and not get sick of each other. Or when we haven’t seen each other for a while the fact that we feel and act as if we were never apart. Writing about it now makes me realize how lucky I am to have found a friend like this.

  106. 116

    Jacqueline says

    My best friendand roommate Julia actually met in girl scout camp! I love that we can live with each other and still be as close as ever. I don’t know what I would do without her

  107. 117

    Laura says

    This is perfect timing since my BFF just came to visit for the weekend. We go way back and what I love most is that despite me moving 2,000+ miles away we can still pick up exactly where we dropped off without missing a beat! We can talk, chill, cook…whatever and be right at home with each other. Oh, how life would be so much fun if I still lived across the street!

  108. 118


    I tend to be a private person and it takes some prompting for me to share what is deep down inside me with someone. Those “way back” friends are usually the ones who can get info out of me, and I love them for taking the time to do so.

  109. 119

    cindy p says

    One of my most dear “go way back” friends is a wonderful example of “actions speak louder than words”. She does what she says and means what she does… always. We have a mutual trust for each other that gives us the freedom to be there for each other no matter what. She is more than a sister to me… a true soul mate.

  110. 120

    Angie B says

    It’s 9:06 and I came to see who won, but I see that your blog is in agreement with me that Daylight Savings time should not be adhered to. Also, I saw your note. I don’t think I will stay up until midnight so I guess I will check back tomorrow morning. :)

  111. 121

    Margo Brown says

    My friend of 25 years (and we are both 25) can any moment make fun of me and make me feel like such a dork…but I love it and need to be brought back to earth. I love her to death and miss her now that we don’t live in the same town!

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