A few of my current favorite beauty products.



Today I’m sharing some of my recent favorite beauty products. While I’m not usually up on the latest, greatest beauty products out there, every now and then I find something that I can’t live without.

(This is not a sponsored post of any kind. I just like to share.)


Here are just a few products that I’m liking these days:


I just discovered this long wear lip color from Stila a couple of months ago while in search for my favorite lip gloss (glaze), also from Stila. So far, I really like it. It glides on and seems to last a little longer than regular lipstick, maybe not as long as some of the lip stains that are out there, but I haven’t done a side-by-side comparison. I don’t tend to care for long-lasting lipsticks because most of them that I’ve tried have a weird, dry feeling, and look odd on me. This one is different. It think it has cocoa butter in it. It sure feels lovely. It really feels more like a lip balm, which I find perfect for these dry winter months. The color called “exquisite” is my favorite right now. Quite nice. Quite nice indeed.



I mentioned They’re Real! mascara from Benefit over a year ago, and am still happy with the results. It’s more expensive than what I used to spend on mascara, but when mascara is one of the few cosmetics I use daily, I’m okay with spending a little more. While it’s not waterproof, it does last long. I buy it at our local Ulta. You can also find it online, or wherever Benefit cosmetics are sold.



My friends Shelly and Kristan (who also co-author another site) first told me about Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner a while back. I’m glad they did. It’s a softer eyeliner pencil that easily glides on (without scratching your eyelid β€” I hate that). Then, once set, it stays put. And it’s not waterproof. I think it’s kind of magical. I originally found a gift pack at Ulta for my daughter and I to split to give it a try. We’ve both been impressed with it.

The purple Grindhouse sharpener, also from Urban Decay, is priceless. I’ve used all kinds of sharpeners over the years, but this one is something else. Get you one and see for yourself.

I just saw this set that offers a 8 full-size eyeliner pencils AND the handy dandy pencil sharpener. What a deal to split with a friend. Cool!



I’ve been battling dry skin and hair for the past couple of years, so I’ve become a conditioner freak. This Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Intense Moisturizing Treatment from Organix is like a hair masque or thick conditioner, not pure oil. Although it’s intended for occasional use, I’ve been using it as a daily conditioner following shampooing. I like it quite a bit. I’ve found it available at Target, Walmart, Ulta, and most drug stores for about $8.



Robyn originally shared this It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In hair conditioner with me a year ago, and since I’ve been through a few bottles. I always buy the “plus keratin” variety. Not only does it help condition, but makes it easier to comb hair out after washing. It’s also available at Target, Walmart, Ulta, and most drug stores, and while one bottle runs about $15-20 it does lasts a long while (about 6 months per bottle for me).



This Bamboo Smooth Anit-Humidity Hairspray from Alterna has become my go-to for hairspray. Humidity is a hair foe here in the South, so I snagged this to try over a year ago, and have stuck with it ever since. At around $18, it’s not dirt cheap, but it does lasts a long time (about a year per can for me). It smells very nice too.


Well, that’s it for now. I hope it helps a little if you’re looking for some new goodies to try.

And if you have any new products you’d like to share, please do! I like to hear what real people have tried and like. πŸ˜‰




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  1. 2


    i need some of that argan oil…. been using some Moroccan oil for a bit now but not consistently.

    I’m using Aveeno’s and Burt’s Bees new hydration lines… I’m addicted to Artistry Beauty’s Essentials and lux line (though really expensive). And in makeup I’m using a lot of Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Artistry and some Estee Lauder…. I’m looking now into natural hair prods cuz it’s going through some stuff.

    Happy new year, Amy!

  2. 4


    I am going to look for that argan oil, it sounds fabulous! Great list, there are so many things out there and it’s great to know what works!

  3. 5

    AmyRuth says

    woooo thanks! I love the mascara too. Like you I’ve used argon oil which I buy at the local whole foods store by SheaTerra. Thanks for sharing your favorite things Amy.

  4. 6


    I’m still using that mascara from the first time you talked about it – and I tell everyone about it! LOVE it!

  5. 9

    Aggie says

    Robyn got me hooked on the It’s a 10 stuff too :)

    I am going to check out that mascara, it’s all I wear daily so like you I don’t mind a little splurge.
    I’m loving my Origins White Tea moisturizing line right now, keeping my face nice this winter :)

  6. 10


    I’m still loving the mascara BECAUSE OF YOU! I’ve tried Argon Oil for my hair and I just can’t get into it. I feel like it makes my hair feel greasy. Gotta get the lip stuff!! Let’s go to Sephora next time we’re together. How much fun would that be?!

    • 11


      Hey Lori,
      FYI, the argon oil product above isn’t just oil, it’s a conditioner to use after shampooing then rinse out. So it’s not as oily as the pure argon oil you can find.

  7. 12


    Ooo….I have to try that Stila!

    I’m all abut Bobbi Brown lately…their gel eyeliner is THE BOMB! And I just bought an eyelash serum. Takes 6 weeks or so for it to work…I’ll keep you posted. πŸ˜‰

    PS. I NEED that hairspray!

  8. 13

    Kristen says

    I have been looking for new lip color – can’t wait to try out your recommendation!

  9. 14

    Sallie says

    I went to Ulta yesterday and loaded up using your recommendations. Can’t wait to try the products for which I am a sucker!!! Happy New Year!

  10. 16


    I have been using that mascara since you last posted about it and it is the best I’ve ever used! I am loving Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. I got it as my Sephora birthday gift freebie but I like it so much I ordered another in full size. A favorite gloss is Clinique long last gloss wear in guava gold. I also love their eye shadow trio totally neutral.

  11. 17


    I’ve been tempted to try the Argan oil for a while now, but my homemade hot oil treatment has been working pretty well. Just did it tonight, as a matter of fact and my hair is so soft! Good to know that it works well, though.

  12. 19

    Gwendolyn K. says

    I discovered a new hair products through Taos Herb Company. Yerba Hair products! (http://www.taosherb.com/store/Yerba_Hair_Care_Products.html) OH MY GOSH, THEY ARE FABULOUS!!!!!!! I too have trouble with dry hair, plus in the past couple of month way to much stress and my hair was getting way to thin!!! Yerba has brought back new life to my hair!!!!!!!! After deep conditioning, shampoo and reg conditioner, my hair feel soft, silky and even stronger. Thank you too for sharing your favourite beauty products. I will have to try Stila lip color. Sounds great.

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