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Hey! So glad you stopped by! I’d like to introduce to someone. Meet Ali, of AliSwi Jewelry Design. Go on…go check her out, and then come back so I can tell you about a cool giveaway.

Beautiful, handcrafted creations over there at AliSwi, huh? Ali contacted me a few weeks back to see if I’d be interested in doing a giveaway with a piece of her lovely handcrafted jewelry. Of course I told her “Yessirree bobtail.” And just in time for prime gift giving season too.

Here’s the deal, Ali has designed a new piece. This eye-catching Olivine colored crystal pendant necklace – the perfect accessory for the holiday.

As Ali has described it to me…the beautiful, faceted Swarovski Crystal pendant dangles from a delicate sterling silver chain, approximately 30″ in length. (Value/Price: $45 ) Sounds lovely.

But it needs a name.

To enter the giveaway for one of these simple, yet elegant necklaces, leave a comment with an idea of what to name the necklace.

How cool is that?

One name will be chosen for the piece and the “namer” will be the proud new owner of what they named. Make sense? I think it’s a jolly good idea.

The giveaway begins today, Friday, November 26, 2010. Entries will be accepted until, Thursday, December 2, 2010, Midnight PST. The winner will be announced sometime on Friday, December 3, 2010.

Fun stuff! Can’t wait to see your entries.

You can make friends with Ali too on Twitter and Facebook. Stop by and tell her “Hey!”

Hope you’re enjoying the holidays so far!

Joy to the world! :)

(Ali has donated the prize for this giveaway. Thanks Ali!)


  1. 3


    This is beautiful. Green is one of my favorite colors. I am horrible at naming things…but the first thing I thought of when I saw it as a pear. How about Pear Teardrop?

  2. 6

    Kayti says

    Chloris – Greek origin, and the meaning of Chloris is “green”. Greek mythology: a minor goddess of vegetation whose name derives from “khloros”.

  3. 14

    Anne says

    The Secret Garden–the twisted eyelet reminds me of rod iron you’d see on a garden gate.

  4. 18

    Steph W. says

    Glimmering Trapeze. Although the pendant is gorgeous, the setting (?) the part holding it on the chain, looks like the gem is swinging from a trapeze. It’s a beautiful piece.

  5. 20

    Amanda E. says

    I would name it Oz because it reminds me of the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz.

  6. 21

    Rose in Ohio says

    What a stunning piece! The olivine crystal reminds me of the beautiful bottle of EVOO on my kitchen counter.

    How about “Eve?” Eve means life, and green is the color which represents life.

  7. 23


    Green is my ultimate favorite color. And upon looking at the necklace, it suddenly reminded me of the pain I am currently feeling because of the shape of the crystal. And with that id like to name the wonderful necklace as TEARDROPS :)

  8. 25

    Christa Martin says

    Beautiful Necklace Ali! I was thinking the name should be “Down to Earth” Olivine Crystal Pendant Necklace. When I look at this green pendant it reminds me of a peaceful scenery of nature with beautiful green trees and grass. Hope all is well!

  9. 30


    I think that the word Olivine describes it beautifully and since it’s the holiday season, how about “Olivine Ice”. Very nice.

  10. 33


    Fiona – it’s pretty and simple but when I tried thinking of green things shrek is one thing that came to mind. And I bet my 3yo would think it’s neat if that were the name.

  11. 34

    michelle says

    first of all I love this pendant!

    totally my color and shape, sadly, lol

    I would name it “Perfect Pear Pendant”

  12. 35


    I think something along the lines of “Forget Me Knot” – the string-like tie at the top is striking! Gorgeous necklace.

  13. 39

    Rose in Ohio says

    Evangeline – from Longfellow’s poem, and the shape of the crystal is her tear for her beloved Gabriel.

  14. 44

    Julie D says

    Magnifique joyau means beautiful gem in French. I think that is a perfect name.

  15. 46

    sas says

    We just watched “Romancing the Stone” this week and this necklace reminds me of the giant green jewel they were all after in the movie. The jewel was called El Corazon, which means “the heart” in Spanish.

  16. 48


    Hum… (I SUCK at naming stuff)

    Emerald Isle?

    Green Crystal Necklace?? LOL

    Would love to wear one though!


  17. 53


    I think it is absolutely beautiful it reminds me of a necklace my grandma, Nannie, used to own.

    I would call it “Nannie’s Jewel of the Nile”

  18. 54

    Teressa H says

    The Pyrus, since it is green and shaped like a pear.
    The pear is a fruit tree of genus Pyrus (pronounced /ˈpaɪrəs/….

  19. 56

    Debbie MacFarlane says

    It reminds me of the dewdrops on I see on blades of grass when I’m walking my dog. I’d call it Dewdrop.

  20. 64

    Sandy Leske says

    I love this necklace…wow! Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

    I have two favourite names I’d like to enter (I can’t decide which I like more!):

    1. Peridot Envy
    2. Kiara’s Kryptonite

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