A little nest giveaway.

A little nest for “the nest” category here on She Wears Many Hats


This little nest drawing was done in pen and ink. Recently I’ve been giving them as gifts to family. Each nest is different from the next – just like our real nests. The number of eggs represents the number of children (or chicks) the recipient has hatched. These drawings are fairly small, about 2×3″. They’re certainly not a masterpiece or anything but I’ve enjoyed creating them for family and friends.

(Nanny, if you’re reading this, when you open your birthday present next month just act surprised, like you’ve never seen it before.)

I will be giving away 2 of these drawings to randomly selected winners. Each drawing will be customized with the number of eggs requested. The drawings will be loose, not matted or framed.

(Just keep in mind that a nest can only hold so much. The maximum I’ve drawn thus far is seven eggs in a nest – that’s gotta be one busy mama bird! So if you’ve been blessed with a bounty of eggs I may have to draw a nest condo or something?)

To enter the giveaway just answer the this question…

What’s your favorite way to feather your nest?

Would it be some new pillows? A colorful throw? Fresh flowers? Or are you like me and love to bring nature in through shells, rocks or sticks? (Kinda coordinates well with the dirt on my floor.)

Whatever it may be, please share with us all. Personally, I’m needing a little change around here and would love some simple ideas.

Winners will be announced sometime next Wednesday evening after 9p.m., September, 9th – 9/9/09. Be sure to enter before 9 p.m.

Don’t forget to tell all of your friends to stop by to join in on the fun!

Happy feathering!

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  1. 1

    Angie says

    I love to decorate with special, one-of-a-kind things that are very personal to me. Like a drawing done by a friend or anything to do with my children….

  2. 2

    Anne B. says

    Love your blog…makes me smile!

    I decorate for the season….fall is coming…a bowl or basket of acorns. Fall leaves in vases or pressed between wax paper like back in school. Simple things…like one new fall pillow for couch or chair…a warmer throw.

  3. 3

    Betty says

    I have seen your drawings and am amazed that you can draw them so small with so much detail.

    As for the house I get excited over getting new bed pillows (that no one really sees) but when you have company and they get to sleep on the new fluffies I feel they may feel pampered, but then again, it could be the ironed sheets.

    A couple of new house plants also has a way of brighting up the place. These new ones of course are replacing the ones I’ve managed to kill over the season before, from either too much water or not enough.

  4. 4

    Nanny says

    Just catching up on “things” on comput. I love your blog – the ideas, stories, receipes- just everything! The question, being farmers, we have dried corn and corn stalks for fall – even shelled corn in the green fruit jars I have made into lamps on the bar. Also, I have tied fall ribbons on my family of ducks in the carport – all l6 of us!

    I’m excited about the new craft you are doing-can’t wait to see mine. Did you put an egg for all of us?

  5. 5


    Not that anyone else benefits in the household, but I love kitchen gadgets and gravitate towards those isles in stores. Ok, my 2nd choice is kitchen & bath towels.

    Love the drawing! What a neat way to represent a family.

  6. 6

    Jennifer says

    I love fresh flowers. Different seasons with various colors, shapes and sizes. It’s extra special when you’ve grown them in your yard and can cut them and bring them in. Even just one on the window sill can brighten my day:)

  7. 7


    I am dying to paint my living room, and then I want to get some new throw pillows, stuff for the wall… everything. I want to make it more of a cozy nest, where people just go to veg!
    You are so talented. I love those nests!

  8. 8


    I collect just about everything…but one thing I absolutely love to showcase in my home is my son’s art…and believe it or not my 83-year old mother’s water colors (which she just realized she had a talent for just 3 years ago)!

  9. 9

    Denise says

    I enjoy old glass bottles with fresh flowers (often ones picked by my 5 year old) placed all around the house. Fall is my favorite time of year and I have some decorations(ceramic turkey, pumpkins, pilgrim figurines)that my children love to see placed around our home each year. Nothing fancy, just a tradition to warm up the season. I also really love my botanical sketches with birds and butterflies in my dining room…and my sweet little decorative bird’s nest with robin’s eggs resting inside placed on the buffet! A sketch of a nest with four eggs would be a delightful addition to that room…especially one done by a dear friend. :)

  10. 11

    Fuji Mama says

    I love fresh flowers, branches, twigs, etc. from outside. There’s just something about bringing nature in that is cozy and makes me happy. I also always have at least one vase of bamboo since it adds green to a room and is almost impossible to kill (no sunlight needed!!!).

  11. 12

    Kimberly Beth says

    I used to say that I decorate my house with children! Our children used to laugh and tease me about that. But truly I love to have pictures/objects that bring back special memories of my husband and I raising our four children together. By the way, I am honored to hang one of those beautiful nest drawings in our home. I will treasure it always. Even more special is the artist who made it!!!

  12. 13

    Melissa says

    My favorite way to feather my nest is with things that bring a smile to my face and peace to my heart. Yummy smelling candles, cross-stitch, books, feathers I’ve found, antlers from the yard and cheery colors are some of the things that accomplish that for me.

  13. 14

    Mimi says

    I’m not a natural decorator, but I enjoy having pictures on the wall (really, I’m not fishing for the picture, but I do love it – 3 eggs, please). I rarely hang them because I can’t ever make up my mind where they should go, but walking by something that I love (particularly local art) makes me smile and feel like it’s home.

  14. 15

    Cynthia Oliver says

    Love to make quilts to feather my nest. Nothing says home like a quilt on the back of a sofa. Bright ones to chase away gloom. Soft ones to snuggle under while reading or computing during the winter. Some made by hand piecing and quilting to connect with my past, others made with high tech machines taking advantage of the latest equipment. Some pushing the envelop and others very traditional.

    Love this spot! Great idea.

  15. 16


    You are so talented! I just love it.

    Right now I’m feathering my nest by adding anything personal. I have a mass-produced sort of beige palette and need to bring our personalities into it.

    And I have an empty nest… but someday I’d like to put an egg into it :)

  16. 17


    I like to feather my nest with things that were handed down from dear family members. I have my great-great-grandmother’s “smoothing iron,” my grandmother’s tea kettle, my uncle’s flour crock, my great-grandmother’s salt dip and other precious things that various relatives used in their every day lives. When I see them they bring back great memories of all those people.

    Also — love your blog. So attractive!! Great work.

  17. 18


    Paint! Is that feathering? I paint all my walls different colors. I also use photographs and odd antiques I find. I don’t do the trinket stuff ~ I hate to dust. My walls have ecclectic “old things” (daughter’s phrase) hanging.

    Recently stumbled upon your site. I love it. I’m envious of your art degree. I recently tackled a watercolor class. Only lasted one semester ~ the twins were born the week of finals and I haven’t had time to go back. I can’t wait to spend time delving into your archives.

  18. 19


    My husband built two seven foot chalkboards that I leaned against my dining room wall. In January, I write out a long list of things that we want to accomplish: Throw a midnight picnic, make a Mexican mole sauce, have a conversation in French… in Paris, create an outdoor sculpture, etc. This is our fifth year doing this and each year, it is truly remarkable how much we actually do and even more, how much is done without conscious intention. I think the daily presence of these words feathers our nest with encouragement, inspiration and joie de vivre. I don’t know that you can ask much more from a nest.

  19. 20

    Laura Cook says

    This may sound cliche, but for me, my feathers are the softest when our eggs are nestled there! How I love to have all my “birdies back in my nest”! Each of my children can confirm that this has become one of my favorite expressions over the years. With these children aged 14 thru 26 & one grandbaby on the way, it is not easy to gather all the chicks, but how it blesses this mama’s heart.

  20. 21

    Jennifer E. says

    I like to decorate with anything natural. A vase of flowers is always a favorite, especially if my hubby gives them to me. Recently we went to the beach, I cannot wait to find a special place for those shells. Looking at the shells will remind me of the wonderful afternoon we had finding them.

  21. 22

    Beth Ann says

    I use different colored pottery – dishes, bowls, candle-holders, mugs, frames – in the kitchen and family room to reflect the changing seasons. Spice orange and sage green for fall, burgundy and pine green for winter, yellow, ivory and sage for spring, and ivory, black and tomato for summer. The different-sized dishes and bowls hold fruits and vegetables or “seasonal” candy (peppermints, candy corn, jelly beans, M&Ms). Of course chocolate is always seasonal at my house! So I guess I decorate with pottery and chocolate :)

  22. 23

    JeriAnne says

    The closest I come to seasonal decorating/feathering would have to be through flowers and plants. Come spring and summer, my wonderful, extra large front porch is bounding with life, come winter inside is bounding with the succulants that wouldnt survive and my few decorative trees that must come in. Though I hate to see so much life die back so soon, I do look forward to crisp air and cool nights!

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