Pistachio Chocolate Bark


    There are two things that I have to hide from my husband if I plan on using it in a recipe: dark chocolate, and nuts of any sort. It’s like he has a radar or something. A bag of almonds can disappear in no time, man.   So you can only imagine when… 

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Roasted Pepper Pistachio Cilantro Pesto Recipe


I served it with pasta and shrimp but it certainly could be used for bruschetta, added to chili, or thinned for a sauce over chicken or what have you. As far as the pistachios, I had some leftover from the holidays so that’s what I used. You could certainly substitute the traditional pine nut or walnuts.

Cranberry Chocolate Pistachio Muffins Recipe


You’re in for a treat. Instead of telling you all about how yummy this muffin recipe is, my husband, who I love so much, wrote a song about these muffins that he loves so much (he loves me too, very much). Never a dull moment around here folks.