Beer Batter Hush Puppies Recipe

Beer Batter Hush Puppies Recipe

Welcome my husband, Randy, again. He’s here to share a delicious hushpuppies recipe. Or is it hush puppies recipe? I grew up with them being known as hushpuppies, one word. However you write it, these little babies are the perfect side dish to serve at a fish fry, BBQ, or any excuse you can think of to make hushpuppies (or hush puppies). Take it away Randy!

3 Things : 3 Favorite Beers

3 Things favorite beers

This lady’s father did not care for beer, so she was looking for something that was “drinkable” for the non-beer fan kidney stone suffering patient. Thankfully for her, Randy is married to a “drinkable” beer fan. I do enjoy a good cold beer. I usually prefer it to wine. While Randy is partial to hoppy beers, apparently, as I’ve been told, I lean toward more of the “girly” beers, if any beer can qualify as “girly.” Thankfully Randy was well-prepared with “drinkable” (otherwise known as “girly”) beer recommendations for this lady in need. He shared with her 3 of my favorite beers. And now I’m going to share them with you.

Beer Cheese Soup

Beer Cheese Soup - a lighter version of the decadent comfort food

The soup came together in no time and disappeared just as fast. Although this lighter version uses a reduced-fat milk instead of heavy cream, it was still mighty rich and creamy. Serve alongside a salad, and/or a baked potato for the perfect lunch, or low-key weeknight meal. I can’t see how you’d be disappointed with this one. It’s one totally satisfying soup.

Spiced Beer Cake with Cherries and Pecans

Spiced Beer Cake with Dried Cherries and Pecans

During the holidays to say there’s an abundance of baked good recipes floating around on the internet is quite the understatement. And, yep, here I go adding another one to the mix. But this recipe for Beer Cake, practically jumped off the page of one of my Aunt Carole’s cookbook begging me to give it a go. So, I had to do it. I just had to.