Tackling the Junk Drawer (+ giveaway winner!)

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What a difference a little bit of order can make. Last week I introduced you to MasterBrand Cabinets and their wonderful selection of kitchen cabinet organizational offerings, plus a fun giveaway sponsored by MasterBrand (winner announced below).

Organizing the Junk Drawer

This week I’m sharing about the laundry room. It’s a monster of a mess! Below you’ll see before-and-after pictures of how I was able to use a simple MasterBrand cutlery divider to transfer a junk drawer into an organized functional drawer.

MasterBrand sent me a handy dandy quality-made kitchen cutlery divider. Even though it was intended for kitchen cutlery, I decided to put it to good use in our laundry room. In fact, most of MasterBrand’s storage and organization features can be used in almost any room in your home. The cutlery divider fit perfectly in a drawer that has become quite the mess. Just check the before and after photos.

Junk Drawer Organization

The drawer had become a dumping spot for random diy projects. What did I discover in the junk drawer? Pet nail clippers, golf balls, an array of drill bits, picture hangers, nails, screws, eye hooks, and other attach-y things, random washers, 4 paint can openers (4!), 2 tubes of caulk, furniture touch up marker, batteries, tape, pliers, a wrench, a chisel, string, key rings, small wooden dowels/pins, wood plugs, small level, 2 flat head screwdrivers, phillips head screwdriver, multiple allen wrenches, mini screw drivers, tire gauge, staple gun, glue gun, small craft paint brushes, Christmas tree light bulbs, plumbers tape, epoxy resin, picture wire, paint stirrer stick, razor blades, electrical wire, fish hooks, small flashlights, 3 pocket knives, magnets, buttons, a pen, plastic marking tape and marbles. Just a few things. I could have entered it into a junk drawer contest and done very well.

As you can see the drawer has since been reclaimed. Yay! I can almost hear angels singing every time I open the drawer now. It’s like a magical drawer. You know that music you hear when a fairy god mother waves her magic wand? That’s what I hear when I open that drawer now. I should’ve recorded it for you. Anyway, instead of a junk drawer it has turned into what I’m calling a multipurpose drawer. Or shall I call it the magical multipurpose drawer?

More than a few items made their way back to the main toolbox in the garage. A few basic tools and supplies are all that are needed at arms reach on a regular basis anyway, plus the other tools are just too bulky for our newly organized magical multipurpose drawer. And if it doesn’t fit, guess what?!? It doesn’t get to go in the drawer. Next up is to organize another drawer to create a space for more crafty items like my glue gun, fabric scissors, and other crafty things.

It’s amazing what one simple cutlery divider can do to create more functional space. Just imagine a kitchen or laundry room full of organizational spaces like this? That’s what MasterBrand are masters of, creating customized organized cabinets and drawers.

A big thanks to MasterBrand for getting me inspired to de-junk my drawer with a simple cutlery divider. MasterBrand offers so many other unique organizational options for your cabinets and drawers. Check out these drawer organizers!

Customized Kitchen Cabinets from MasterBrand

And these customized features in this MasterBrand Three Drawer Base Special is something I could definitely get used to.

Customized Kitchen Cabinets from MasterBrand

MasterBrand’s low profile Toekick Drawer is pretty impressive too. Now that’s one nice magical multipurpose drawer. I bet you can hear music play when that is opened with your toe!

Toe Kick Drawer Customized Kitchen Cabinets from MasterBrand

For more inspiration and information on how to get more organized cabinets and drawers be sure to check out MasterBrand Cabinets.

Before you leave, I’d love to hear about your junk drawer. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one with a junky-junk drawer!?! I can’t be the only one. What is your junk drawer holding right now? I’d love to hear all about it.

Oh, I almost forgot … the $200 Visa Gift Card winner! The winner is:

#44 Laura S who said “I would love the under the cabinet tablet holder. So convenient!”

Congratulations, Laura! We will be contacting by email.

This post is sponsored by MasterBrand Cabinets. As always all opinions are my own.