Natural Sargento Cheese

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When it comes to cheese, I’m not much of an expert. Not in the least bit. Honestly, I’ve given little thought to how cheese is made, especially sliced cheese. When I was contacted to have a casual taste test between Natural Sargento Cheese versus processed cheese I thought it would be a good chance to learn a little bit more about the difference between the two.

I set up a simple spread with Natural Sargento Sharp Cheddar slices, processed cheese slices, crackers, dried fruit, and invited my daughter and a couple of her friends to join me in tasting the difference. What a great way for young ladies to learn about the difference first hand now before they begin shopping for themselves later on. They don’t teach much of this important information about the foods we buy in schools, but it’s good to know.

Before tasting, we read over cheese tasting tips and information provided by Sargento. After just a few bites, they instantly recognized the difference in taste, preferring the natural cheese hands down to the processed samples. Another clear distinction was the texture. The processed cheese had an almost rubbery feel to it when compared to the natural cheddar slice. Weird.

We also read about how cheese slices were made and packaged. Natural cheese slices are cut from large blocks of aged cheese made from milk, cheese cultures, enzymes and salt, then individually wrapped and refrigerated right away. The processed cheese is, well, processed. Processed cheese is a combination of regular cheese ingredients with more milk added along with emulsifiers, sodium, and usually preservatives, like Sorbic Acid. It’s also heated to a liquid, then pumped into plastic packaging to be formed into flat slices by a series of rollers. Again, weird. Maybe fun to watch, but weird. No wonder if felt rubbery.

I think the girls learned a little something that they’ll remember when they begin shopping in a few years. I know I sure did.

Be sure to check for Natural Sargento in the refrigerated cheese section of your local grocery during your next trip for a variety of natural cheese selections.

And just because I’m nosey, what kind of cheese do you usually eat on sandwiches or burgers? Cheddar? Provolone? Holey swiss? Melty mozzarella? Do share!

(The Motherhood and Sargento supplied cheese tasting goodies and compensated me for this post. Opinions are my own.)