It’s just stuff.

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I have a friend named Erika. Last week her house burned down. It was hard to process everything when reading Erika’s account of what happened. Surreal.

A few days after hearing the news, I picked up my guitar to learn a new chord and thought of Erika, and her profound love of music.

But her instruments are gone.

The next day, I made a batch of ice cream and remembered Erika recently purchasing an ice cream maker, just like mine, to make her tasty creations, yummy treats that made me drool.

I wondered when she’ll be able to make her next batch.

Out of habit, I reached for my camera. Erika is an incredibly talented photographer.

But now, that’s been put on hold, even if for short while.

I soon began to realize how very much I take for granted. And while Erika and her family lost everything, I mean everything, she’ll be the first to tell you that, even though it hurts to lose so much, her most precious thing, her family, remains. The other is just stuff. It’s just stuff.

Much love and support has been poured out to Erika and her family, by friends near and far, to help them get back to a new “normal.” If you’d like to learn about how to help Erika and her family, check out Friends of The Ivory Hut.

I’m so very thankful that she and her sweet family are still with us. I’m sure you agree. Please pray for them, and that, with each day that passes, they will grow a little stronger. I look forward to that next frozen treat Erika shares with us, and maybe, if we’re lucky, accompanied by song.