I like good food.

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Maybe a little too much. I’m not a chef, a food critic or even French in the least bit. (Although I did take 2 years of French in high school.) So you’ll find no fancy or presumptuous grub here. Good tasting eats? Yes. Difficult, expensive recipes that call for a slew of ingredients and crazy prep times? Probably not.



Basically, if you eat food and you like what you eat, then here on She Wears Many Hats, you’re a foodie for all intents and purposes. Don’t get me wrong, I love fresh food and ingredients. They’re great, and when available, can’t be beat. But sometimes a bag of Ruffles and some french onion dip just hits the spot.

It’ll be so much fun to share recipes, restaurants and other finds to tempt the taste buds. And I really look forward to learning from you, so don’t hesitate to share a favorite link, recipe or food find with the rest of us.