A Hat Head is born. Embrace the Hat Head!

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newhatrackLike many women, well, men too – okay – everyone, we all wear many hats. Whether a wife, mother, daughter, (sorry guys, just enter the male counterpart to the list) friend, employer, employee…whatever it may be that fills your days, we all wear many hats.

Over the past few years, I’ve spent much time agonizing over what hat I should wear. Where do I focus my energy? What is my purpose? Who or what am I meant to be?

A little of an identity crisis I suppose.

Then it hit me. I realized I was wasting time trying to find my specific place and not reveling in the many hats I already wear and interchange daily. Besides, how boring would that be – to only be able to wear one hat?

We’re diverse.


And we can’t be put in a box, or should I say, one hat.

So, I say, Embrace the Hat Head! Enjoy them all! Try a new one on for size. Who knows, one may end up fitting better than the rest in the end.