What it is? No. 5

It’s time for another round of “What it is?” A complex, intellectual enigma full of mind bending fun. Nah, not really. Not at all. Just guess what the picture is, leave your answer and you may win a prize. Couldn’t be easier.

Are you ready? Think you’ve got what it takes?

Well, here we go… Again, I show you a portion of an object, you take a guess (one guess per person, please), and then one (1) winner will be chosen from all correct answers. More details below.

Here ’tis…

So, do ya know? I’ll bet ya do. Or maybe you don’t. Maybe I’ve tricked you once again? Mwaaaaahaaahaaa!


This round begins today, Friday, July 16, 2010 and ends Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at midnight PST. I’ll announce the winner sometime on Wednesday, July 21, 2010.

***Remember, all entries/comments will be hidden until the winner is announced.***

So, can you tell me, what it is?

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  1. 1

    Angie B says

    I know this one, I know this one!!! You’ve made me feel like an idiot all the other times but I know this one! It is a ketchup squirt bottle for picnics! Yes, it is, don’t tell me it’s not…
    You know I’m supposed to be packing right now instead of reading your blog. :)

  2. 6

    Kara says

    I feel kinda silly.. but I’ll guess anyway…

    Is it the top of an old-school ketchup squeeze bottle?

  3. 9

    Danielle Stroinski says

    I think it is a plastic ketchup squeeze bottle. And the picture is specifically the top of the bottle.

  4. 10

    Michelle (What's Cooking) says

    My instinct tells me it is a squeezie ketchup bottle. But then my other instinct says that Amy is too tricky to give us something so obvious…So now, I am just confused! xox Congrats on getting a sponsor for the give away – just like you wanted!

  5. 11

    cbp says

    Is it the lid to a plastic squeeze bottle? People usually fill the empty red ones with ketchup but I guess you could fill it with whatever you want!

  6. 12

    Lori H says

    That looks like the top of a ketchup dispenser bottle (you know, the mustard one is just like it, in yellow?) :)

  7. 19

    Rob Lewis says

    Looks like the top of a red plastic squeeze bottle, like those used for serving ketchup.

  8. 22

    Keith Denton says


    I think it is the top of a squeeze ketchup bottle. Break out the dogs and burgers!


  9. 27


    Well, it looks like the top to one of those red squirt bottles you put ketchup in. I know that is wrong, but hey I tried.

    What does CSN stand for?

  10. 28

    Amber says

    I think it’s one of those restaurant style ketchup dispensers, the kind where they have red for ketchup and yellow for mustard.

  11. 38

    the country cook @ Delightful Country Cookin' says

    ketchup! It looks like one of those old ketchup containers that you see at diners.

  12. 43


    It’s the top of a ketchup dispenser like the ones in restaurants. I guess some people have them at home too, although I don’t.

  13. 49

    Kate says

    Is it the top to one of those squeezy ketchup bottles – like the kind for a diner???

  14. 52


    That looks like the top of one of those classic red condiment (catsup, mustard) squeeze dispensers. At least, that’s what mine looks like.

  15. 57

    sheri says

    This looks like the top of a squeezable ketchup bottle to me – hope I’m right!!


  16. 67

    sas says

    Joshua and Lizzie say a candle and since I’ve never gotten these right, I’ll go with that…

  17. 69

    Gail Bracy says

    I believe this is a plastic lid with a whole in the top for a squirt bottle.

  18. 70


    i’ve really embarrassed myself with these, but i’ll guess that it’s the top to a ketchup squirt bottle.

  19. 74

    Arissa says

    I will guess a sippy cup. Something else came to mind at first, but it seemed too obvious. I will kick myself if that was the correct answer!! :)

  20. 78

    Kellie Bigbee says

    A red catsup plastic bottle or ketchup however you want to spell it.
    My family consumes lots of it.

  21. 82


    That is definitely the top of a ketchup squeeze bottle. One of those ones in restaurants or hot dot stands. I should know this, as one of my favorite sayings is “ketchup should have its own food group”.

  22. 84

    Lucas Pennell (six 1/2 years old son of Chase) says

    To clarify- it is a picture of a plastic squeeze bottle top for ketchup 😉

  23. 86

    Lisa Scully says

    It is the top of a squeeze bottle, ketchup to be precise. Like the ones they put on a restaurant table.

  24. 90

    Bonnie Merck says

    Ok..my guess, as simple as it may be, is that this red item is the top to a ketchup bottle (restaurant style).

  25. 93

    Monica says

    Hello! I found your site through Ivory Hut. I want to say its a cap haha to maybe a glue bottle! ????? Or to some sort of bottle! Thats what it kind of looks like. Please please please let that be right. :) Thank you!

  26. 94


    It’s the top of a squeeze ketchup bottle. You know, the cute kind you can find in really soda shops (if there are anymore of those around).

  27. 95


    I am thinking it is the top of a plastic ketchup squirter refill bottle. I am sorry…I don’t know how else to explain it. HEHE!

  28. 96

    Amy L says

    The top of a squeeze ketchup bottle. You know, the plastic ones that some restaurants use so that you are not aware of their brand of ketchup or how much water they mix in to stretch it.

  29. 108

    Dionne Baldwin says

    It looks like a lid to a serving or baking dish. Reminds me of Le Creuset…

  30. 114

    Missy says

    Looks like a bottle cap. And because of that shadow in the top middle of the image, it looks like some sort of spray or squirt bottle/can.

  31. 120


    It’s one of those ketchup bottles they use for picnics, or at restaurants with checkered tablecloths, right?

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