What it is? No. 1

Today I’m kicking off a new series that I hope will become a regular feature here on She Wears Many Hats, entitled What it is? You’ll be given an abstract photo of an object and you have to guess what it is. What a concept huh? One winner will be selected from all correct entries. See details below.

That’s it.

I like to keep things simple.

Here’s the first What it is? photo:

Now, what it is? What it is?

(This giveaway has ended but I hope you had fun guessing anyway!)

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  1. 2

    Miss Wisabus says

    Is it one of those funny hooks that goes in a peg board? Looks like it. My mom did the craft show circuit and I spent many a Saturday morning setting up booths in fair barns.

  2. 14


    I have no idea what it is, I just wanted to be the first to comment. I think this is a great idea for a blog post. Can I have a hint? 😀

  3. 15

    Angie B says

    I thought it looked like a swing set hook but Ben says it is obviously enlarged, and therefore something very small so I am going to guess bracelet hook? I know that’s not it…. This is hard!

  4. 28

    Jennifer Kreh says

    Not sure but I am going to guess a plant hanger hook. Cool contest hope it will be a regular:)

  5. 30


    IIIIII am soooo wanting this sorbet maker!!! I have almost bought it 3x and just resist for fear of not enough freezer space to stash the goods!

    my guess is that this is an earring wire

  6. 31


    i feel like it’s something i should recognize, but i’m gonna toss this out there–curtain hook.
    great idea for a fun game, amy! :)

  7. 37


    OK, I wanna win this thing!!! I’m thinking it’s the smaller end of a pot hook…the part that goes over the pot rack. Can’t wait to see if that’s right. Had a hard time thinking about it.

  8. 53


    It’s the tip from a clothing hanger that is used in retail and department stores. Too many years in retail…too many.

  9. 58

    MAC says

    Best guess here is some sort of “S” Hook, possibly to hang a pot or kitchen utensil, or BBQ utensil on the grill, or potholder hanger thingy?

  10. 63

    Debbie says

    It looks sort of like an S hook although it’s a little long. A hook for hanging a pot or kitchen utensil on?
    Mon at 4:21pm ·

  11. 68

    :: holly s says

    It’s the little flippy part at the very top of the hanger (that appears to have no purpose whatsoever)…. pick me, pick me! :)

    As far as your weekend away, I’ve always thought it would be fun to rent a cabin in the Smokies (Tennessee) or spend a few days in Williamsburg….

  12. 70


    Oh Golly! I have no idea, but I sure would love to win the ice cream maker. I have a thing about ice cream, and I’ve had a maker on my wish list for quite some time now.

    Too bad I have no idea what that thingy is… but since I’m already here and typing, I might as well guess… so I’ll say the first thing that came into my brain (even though I doubt it’s right)

    A Hanger

    (fingers crossed that no one gets it right, and you’ll take pitty on poor, ice cream obsessed me!)

  13. 72

    SuzyQ says

    OK…I’ve got nothing, but am going to go with a shower hook that has had the decorative part come off.

  14. 73

    Sam Frost says

    Hey Amy!

    I think it’s a zoomed-in photo of a paper clip :)

    I’m not sure if it’s right but I also wanted to leave a comment to say that I follow you on twitter as you’re cool!

    Best wishes, happy hat-wearing :)

    Sam xxx

  15. 74

    Jessie says

    I originally thought it was an S Hook (or a banner hook), but decided I would go with something a bit more abstract: a blown up picture of solder??? Would love to be right on this. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with for us :) Thanks for a fun Friday activity…helped me get through the long afternoon.

  16. 80

    white mountain ice cream makers says

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