Ham and Cheese Sliders Recipe

ham cheese sliders

Sliders are a terrifically simple and tasty way to feed a group. Most sliders can be prepped ahead and popped in the oven to warm, then kept there until ready to serve. These easy Ham and Cheese Sliders are certainly one of those recipes that will please your party. These mini ham and cheese sandwiches are quick and easy.

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

At a neighborhood holiday party a year or so ago, I enjoyed my fair share of Buffalo Chicken Dip. Quite addicting, for sure. I’d managed to banish it from my mind for over a year now, but decided to make some (ever so slightly lightened up) with our homemade Hot Sauce Recipe to try out before Super Bowl night. Ya know, to test and everything.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

ice cream sandwiches

Last week after making Peanut Butter Butterfinger Ice Cream, I made a few fun ice cream sandwiches for my kids. They’re teenagers, so not technically kids, I suppose, but they sure did grab them up like a bunch of happy-go-lucky kids. For the slightest moment, the angst filled teenager disappeared as they delighted in the ice cream sandwiches. And who wouldn’t? Kids of all ages will go for these.

Super Bowl Food


Here are some of our family favorites that would be perfect for your Super Bowl Food spread. All are fairly easy. A few are really quick and easy to whip up.

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Crackers

chocolate covered peanut butter crackers

These require so little effort, with simple ingredients, to create such a lovely treat. For all the Girl Scout cookies lovers out there, they taste just like Peanut Butter Patties.

Valentines Popcorn


While I was making the Party Popcorn last week, I found some pink and purple candy melts, along with more sprinkles that I needed to use up, in the back of my baking drawer, and decided I would make some Valentines Popcorn to celebrate upcoming Valentine’s day. And what Valentine wouldn’t like some pink or purple, Barney-inspired popcorn? Exactly. Everyone needs a little pink and purple popcorn in their life once in a while. It’s true.

Party Popcorn


Okay, I’m going to cut right to the chase, this candy popcorn, what I’m calling Party Popcorn for a lack of a better term, is the quickest tastiest thing I’ve made in a while. And there are reasons for that. With just a few ingredients (as few as three, depending on what route you take), and not really any cooking, just some melting, this is a fast favorite for me now. Perfect for a party of any kind. And to think of all of my children’s birthday parties in years gone by that I could’ve used this one for.