Pawley’s Island Hammock Giveaway

***This giveaway has ended. Winner has been selected and contacted.***

A well-built hammock is a wonderful place to relax outside. This giveaway for a Pawley’s Island Hammock gives you a chance to win one for your own backyard.

Pawley's Island Hammock Giveaway

Summer is officially here! Woo hop! That means it’s time for all things sun, fun, and chilling out the best way you know how. Whether you’re relaxing in an exotic location, or, like us, enjoying an evening in your own back yard, this Pawley’s Island Hammock will be sure to please the most experienced chill master.

Over the years we sure have enjoyed our old-fashioned Pawley’s Island Hammock. It’s the perfect spot for reading a book, sipping a glass of refreshing iced tea, or catching a nap. And it makes a great gift idea if you’re in the market for a birthday gift, or you have already begun your holiday shopping.

Pawley's Island Hammock Giveaway

So in honor of summer officially starting, and to encourage a little time out for relaxing, I’m giving away one Pawley’s Island Hammock to one random winner. All you need to do to enter is tell me your favorite way to relax and chill out.

Pawley's Island Hammock Giveaway

***This giveaway has ended. Winner has been selected and contacted.***

Pawley’s Island Hammock Giveaway Details:

One person will be randomly chosen to win one (1) Pawley’s Island Hammocks Large Original Cotton Rope Hammock. Woo hoo!

There are two ways to enter to win, for a total of 2 entries per person.

  1. Leave a comment sharing how you would relax in your own hammock.
  2. For one additional entry share about this giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Google+ and leave a separate comment saying you did so.

Again, that gives each person a total of two (2) entries. Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry.

Giveaway details:

One (1) randomly selected winner will be chosen from the comment entries below to receive one (1) Pawley’s Island Hammocks Large Original Cotton Rope Hammock.

Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at 12 Midnight PST. Winner be selected after giveaway closes and contacted via email. A valid email must be used with entry. The winner must respond via email within 72 hours of being contacted or a new winner will be chosen.

Entries are open to those with U.S. and Canada shipping addresses only.

Pawley's Island Hammock Giveaway

(This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share this fabulous hammock with you, as a way to say “Thank you!”)

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  1. 1

    Liz S. says

    I would relax in my own hammock, on a beautiful summer’s day in my backyard. And of course I would share the hammock with my family!

  2. 2

    Debbie Duley says

    I’m a South Carolina girl at heart and an avid gardener! This hammock would be the quintessential way for me to relax outside in my garden with a favorite book and some sun brewed sweet tea! Sounds heavenly! Thank you for this opportunity!

  3. 4

    Toby Fran says

    There is no better way to relax than to stretch out with a good book on our screened in porch. Breezes blowing…. Iced tea in hand. Boy, a great hammock would sure add to the pleasure! Sigh!

  4. 5

    Sara Cobb says

    Going to Pawley’s Island ever summer of my life, I know a good hammock when I see one! I’ve been debating on whether or not to bring a Pawley’s Island hammock back this year for our backyard and saw this– perfect timing!!

    We have a set of trees begging for a hammock to enjoy a nice cocktail in around dusk on a summer night! Now that’s what I call RELAXATION!

  5. 7

    Alice V. says

    My favorite way to relax would be to see my husband taking one of his late afternoon naps in a nice hammock on a warm summers day, nestled between two shade trees with the birds chirping happily around. Um, maybe even join him in a snooze… :>

  6. 8


    Oh, you’re speaking my love language right now. A hammock in the summer is perfection. I love to read a book while relaxing in my parents’ hammock. We have been looking at one for ourselves for a while. Thanks for the chance, Amy!

  7. 9

    Liz says

    I would add this hammock to my campsite and read a long book! Maybe even catch a little nap. My puppy loves to cuddle so I might need to find a method to get her on there with me!

  8. 12

    Nicole Gamma says

    I would love to lay in this hammock in my back yard in my bathing suit while getting a glorious tan! :) :) :)

  9. 13

    Carol says

    As an artist I keep unconventional hours…working when inspiration strikes night or day. A Pawley’s Island Hammock would be the perfect addition to my studio for relaxing naps between creative adventures. Oh and the hammock stand…painted in bright beautiful patterns by my students! :)

  10. 14

    Carol W says

    I would spend time relaxing with my husband, just catching up at the end of the day.

  11. 18

    Stephanie Phelps says

    I would relax in this hammock with a big tall glass of sweet ice tea and a good book!

  12. 20


    I would hang this on the balcony and relax with a good book and a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of sparkling rose in the evening. What a treat!

  13. 21

    Julia says

    My favorite way to relax is with a good book and something cool to drink while hanging out on the beach

  14. 22

    Carrie Whitlock says

    My favorite way to relax would be to lay in a hammock under two shade trees with a cool breeze and a glass of ice cold sweet tea!

  15. 24

    Crystal Faulk says

    I would pick a nice shady spot to enjoy laying in this on lazy summer days…just simply enjoying outdoors.

  16. 29

    Misty says

    Shared on Facebook … would love to take a nice long relaxing nap in this beautiful hammock with my Sassy.

  17. 31

    Alicia J. says

    Where most people would love to use it in the summer, I’d use it in the fall/winter/spring months when it’s not hot for drinking cold sodas and reading.

  18. 39

    Cindy S. says

    I would get a large, cold drink and a good book. Then I would relax, read, and probably take a nap!

  19. 41

    Melanie F says

    Ohhh I have always wanted a hammock just like this one (thank you bunches for the sweet chance)!! I would absolutely love to put this on our new deck we just built & on warm nights have out bedtime story time out on the hammock… AND maybe mommy’s quite place with that yummy glass of wine after story time! Lol)

  20. 44

    Debra Anderson says

    Would love to have this one in my backyard! I think I would have to fight off the grandkids!

  21. 46

    Siobhan M Craig says

    I would relax in a hammock in our backyard with my dogs and the birds chirping and I would be sipping a frozen mudslide. Hmmm, sounds like heaven.

  22. 49

    Hallie J says

    There is nothing better than a good book, a hammock and fresh lemonade in the summer!!!

  23. 50

    Joan says

    Nothing more relaxing than not setting the alarm clock, waking up slowly, and focusing on time spent with family rather than crossing things off the list. Love a morning like that!

  24. 51

    Mary Lynn says

    I usually knit to relax. I remember when I was a young child, my Dad loved relaxing in the hammock.

  25. 54

    Leslie Phillips says

    After a long, demanding school year, it would be tough to get me out of my hammock during the summer! I can think of no better way than to enjoy a good book!

  26. 55

    Lissa says

    I love to swing, but as an adult, I look silly :) A hammock would be much better to relax on!

  27. 57

    Lindsay says

    I would love to introduce my son to a hammock! He hasn’t ever tried one. So very relaxing!

  28. 58


    If I could relax in any way/shape/form EVER? Totally floating in some warm water somewhere. I don’t care if it’s on a boat, a paddleboard or just on my back – I just love the way the water moves!

  29. 59

    Becky Carl says

    I would put that hammock on a stand and take it to the beach with a cooler and a girl’s beach read! I pinned the hammock – love these hammocks!

  30. 60

    Heather says

    This would be perfect to take an afternoon nap in or read a book in! Beautiful!

  31. 61

    Becky Carl says

    I would put that hammock in a stand and take it to the beach with a cooler and a girl’s beach read – Dorothea Benton Frank! I pinned the hammock on Pinterest. Love it!

  32. 64

    Susanne Nester says

    I would love to hang a hammock at the lake, our family get away from it all place. It would provide a place for many hours of rest and good book reading for me and my family. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  33. 67

    barbara n says

    My husband has worn out his old hammock so I really needs to win this! He loves to relax under the trees after he cuts the lawn!

  34. 68

    Jill flatley says

    I would invite my husband of 18 yrs to join me in the hammock on a Sunday for a quiet afternoon nap.

  35. 70

    carol says

    I love relaxing with a MK Andrews book and a glass of sweet tea!! This would be perfect for my backyard!!

  36. 72

    Angie Brooks says

    My idea of an ideal summer afternoon is sprawling out on a nice comfy hammock in the shade with a book, reading until I get sleepy, and then taking a nice al fresco nap! :)

  37. 82

    Cindy A. says

    My absolute favorite way to relax is in the backyard right as the sun is starting to set over the mountains. If I’m lucky there is a slight breeze blowing and a tall glass of sweet iced tea by my side.

  38. 87

    Lauren S. says

    I love to start the day with a cup of coffee sitting on my 2nd story deck high up in the trees with a nice breeze blowing!

  39. 89

    Deborah says

    A Pawley’s Island Hammock, mason jar of sweet iced tea, a homemade pimento cheese sandwich and a can of Charles Chips – Perfection!

  40. 91

    Rory W says

    I would strap it between a couple of trees in our yard and then take our baby boy out and relax with him. There couldn’t be anything greater! Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. 96

    Lindsay Lee says

    I would love to lay in this while the kids play in the backyard and I read a book!!!

  42. 101

    Nicole S says

    We just bought a new house in Maine and this sure would be great to relax in after unpacking a gazillion boxes!! :)
    Plus, I love to read and this would be wonderful! Thanks!!

  43. 103

    Morgan says

    In my Pawley’s Island hammock, I would relax with a good book, a cold drink, and my labrador retriever:)

  44. 104

    Rae V says

    We have a cabin up above the Mississippi River. We always enjoy sitting on the porch but have often said how we wished we had a hammock to enjoy the summer breezes

  45. 105

    Elin says

    I’d lay out in the warm summer sun with a book in one hand and a grown-up beverage in the other!

  46. 107

    Dina says

    My perfect day would be waking up just as the sun is rising, laying in a hammock, snuggled up in a blanket with a good book and a hot cup of coffee while my puppy lays at my feet.

  47. 108

    Dana Prince says

    I would relax in my hammock the way I have always loved to… Taking an afternoon siesta, reading, doing my bible study, sharing a swing with a friend or child, so many lovely things to do on a hammock. This past year I lost those moments when some ruffian squirrels in the neighborhood ate my hammock during the winter!! It would be a real treasure to have a new one and I would certainly store it in a new protected place this time!!

  48. 110

    Stefanie Gladden says

    I would put in my headphones and listen to music while taking a nice relaxing nap in my hammock!

  49. 113

    Jennifer M says

    I would give this to my parents. They live on the water and this would be perfect for lazy afternoons.

  50. 115

    china says

    The only thing which relaxes me more than cooking, is eating…I would fix me and my honey something tasty and spend time feeding eachother sweet nothings in the hammock

  51. 118

    Deanna says

    A good book, a great glass of wine and a fantastic hammock! What more could one ask for?!?

  52. 119

    Holly says

    Fave way to chill? With a pitcher of ice-cold Sangria…which would be even more chill being sipped from such a fabulous hammock❤️

  53. 120

    Victoria Sanseverino says

    I can’t think of a better way to relax than to hang in a hammock with a glass of lemonade and reading a summer time favorite!

  54. 123

    Amanda says

    I would turn my handy misting fan on and take a nice nap. haha Yeah right considering two crazy dogs and a wild 6 year old boy would be in the yard with me. ;-)

  55. 127

    Michelle says

    The better part of me wants to say that I would relax with a book. But the honest part of me says that I will probably doze and listen to the birds sing.

  56. 128

    Mahdi Martin says

    I would love to relax in a hammock with a glass of wine and a book, while I watch my cats run around the back yard.

  57. 129

    Alice F says

    Having grown up in the Carolinas, I am very familiar with Pawleys Island hammocks! I would love to own one and relax in my backyard with a chilled glass of sweet tea and a quiet afternoon!

  58. 136

    Linda says

    A hammock with a pillow, sweet tea, and a book. Which leads to… a nap. Perfect!

  59. 137

    Nichole says

    I would lay in the hammock on a nice breezy day and listen to nature until I fell asleep.

  60. 138

    Stephanie Capps says

    I have a empty hammock stand that is real bad need of a hammock. I would sit, relax & watch the kids play.

  61. 139

    Tracy says

    My kids would love a hammock. We would enjoy the hammock while gazing at the stars.

  62. 143


    Lately my form of relaxing involves dirty fleece and lingerie bags, if you can imagine that. I don’t know how effectively it would work with a hammock, but I could sure try!

  63. 144

    Erin Henderson says

    I would use my new hammock to hang out in while my 3-year old twins played nearby in the sandbox.

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