Lantana is tough, man.

Right now I’m hopeful for rain. Most everything in the garden is wilting and struggling until the next watering except this gem, lantana. There are several different types of lantana. This tri-colored one is called “Miss Huff” and is considered a reliable perennial in many zones. I love the bright, almost flourescent, colors.

This yellow lantana was just added to our garden this spring.

It’s so happy and growing like crazy already, even with the extreme heat we’ve been having lately, and very, very little rain.

These are my favorite kinds of plants, hardy enough for the harshness of summer around here, with little or no attention from us peeps. Thank goodness. Lantana is alright by me.

Do you have any tough plants you’ve had success with in your garden? Please share. I’m making a list and hunting them down.

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  1. 1

    Rose in Ohio (@RoseMillsOhio) says

    Love Lantana! It can take the scorching heat, alright. If only its fragrance could live up to its other attributes…..

    Lady’s Mantle is a perennial that does well here in my NW Ohio yard. I like its dainty chartreuse blossoms. Lenten Roses are another of my favorites, and grow very well here in the shade, blooming during the season of Lent.

  2. 3


    That looks so beautiful! I wonder if I can find any here – a few pretty but hardy flowers might be the trick to saving my rapidly-blackening thumb.


  3. 4


    I love the old heirloom roses. The ones you see growing by the side of the road and around old abandoned homesteads. I’ve been known to take cuttings of them when no one was looking. They root easily and bloom wherever they are planted. They don’t ask for much attention but give back so much beauty.

  4. 5

    Wenderly says

    Think that I need to get some Lantana! Beautiful & hardy…that’s my kinda combo!

  5. 6

    Patrice says

    It’s bone dry here and my hydrangeas are beautiful. Other than that, a rose here or there, maybe a zinnia, but I’m expecting tumbleweeds any day now! I’m happy to find out about the lantana. Something living and colorful would be nice. We’re praying for rain!

  6. 7


    I always plan marigolds because they’re nice and hardy! I also love lillies, they seem to pretty hardy as well. BTW, these are gorgeous!

  7. 8

    Jennifer Kreh says

    We love lantana too. Our neighbor let us have 4 huge plants to transplant from her yard to ours. I was worried at first that they wouldn’t make it, but the past two years they have been beautiful. The butterflies love them.

  8. 10


    Salvia and Plumbego. I live in San Antonio, TX and am not good at remembering to water, but the Salvia and Plumbego almost seem to like it. They bloom continuously throughout the scorching summer.

  9. 11

    Steph W. says

    My new favorite is Bee Balm. We planted one this year in a pretty dead area, and so far, it’s been trampled on by my dogs six or seven times, and my sixty pound seven year old tripped and landed right on top of it, yet it’s still blooming. Did I mention I’ve watered it twice since I put it in the ground? The Lord must really know that I love that plant, cuz there is some serious magic keeping that thing alive, lol. It doesn’t smell very good, kind of like VERY salty mint, but it’s soooo pretty and the good buggies just love it.

  10. 12

    Betty says

    Lantana is even suppose to be deer resistant and in our area that is a plus. I’ve gotta go. It’s “rain dance” time. Everything is soooo dry.

  11. 13

    Tracy says

    Only 1 lantana in my yard – beautiful lavender flowers that bees and butterflies both love. So dry here (So NV) that it does wilt by nightfall so have to water every morning. Something else that grows well here and has beautiful little flowers almost every day is moss rose. It’s a succulent so it doesn’t mind the heat and is somewhat drought tolerant. Love your new yellow lantana, might have to find a spot for one.

  12. 14

    Rebecca says

    This year I tried moss rose in two colors (1-yellow, 2-fucia)and they are beautiful. Planted in full sun and are very drought resistant and bloom like crazy! Live in central Oklahoma.

  13. 15

    KZ Ellis, El Paso says

    We have tons of it here in West Texas. Keep the pups away though, as it’s proven fatal to some dogs who have ingested it.

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