KitchenAid Mixer and Ice Cream Maker Giveaway

I sure hope everyone is enjoying summertime. It’s flying by around here. Can you believe the 4th of July is only a week away? I’m looking forward to it though. Independence Day is a grand time to celebrate with friends or family, and tasty food is always a welcome part of that celebration, especially ice cream.

And if you’re an ice cream fan like me (or if you’re not an ice cream fan, but just like to mix things up), you’re in for a treat today.

One winner will be able to mix up whatever frozen favorite tickles their fancy (among other things) with their own KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer AND a KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker attachment! Yep. Cool huh?

In true festive Independence Day form, the lucky winner will choose one KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer in red, white or blue–that’s one mixer in one of these colors. Although a customized red, white, and blue mixer would be mighty fancy. (Exact color choices are Empire Red, White, or Cobalt Blue.) ****WINNER HAS BEEN SELECTED – SEE BELOW****

And again, the winner will also receive one of these bad boys, the KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker attachment, to accompany the mixer.

I’ve used several kinds of ice cream makers over the years and have been pleased with the ease of this KitchenAid version. It attaches easily to the fabulously multifunctional KitchenAid mixer to churn out soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, or sorbet in about 15-20 minutes. You can easily transfer the finished batch to the freezer to harden up if desired. I made this yumilicious version that I shared yesterday, Blueberry Pie Ice Cream.

And what can I say about the KitchenAid Stand Mixer? It’s a mighty workhorse in our kitchen. With so many attachments, like the Ice Cream Maker, it pushes multifunctional to a whole new level. I’m looking forward to eventually trying the pasta attachments too. They look like fun!

Ready to enter? Here are the details…


Giveaway Details:*

Entries (from US residents only–sorry international friends) will be accepted until July 4, 2011, Midnight PST. One (1) winner will be randomly chosen and announced sometime on July 5, 2011.

How to enter?

1) Leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling me what color mixer you’d choose. Simple. Red, white, or blue? (Empire Red, White, or Cobalt Blue to be exact.)

2) For an additional entry RT on Twitter or share on Facebook the following message:

Win a KitchenAid Mixer & Ice Cream Maker over at @wearsmanyhats !

3) For a third way to enter, follow or like She Wears Many Hats on Facebook or Twitter.

Be sure to stop back by and leave a separate comment at the bottom of this post for each saying you did so. Comments left on Facebook WILL NOT count as an entry.

I hope that’s not too confusing.


Happy Independence Day!!!
I hope you’re having a fantastic summer, celebrating with family and friends. xoxoxoxo


************ Contest has ended and a winner has been chosen! ************


We have a winner!!!! Congratulations to…

#350 Sharon Riegsecker!!! Yay Sharon! Can’t wait to hear what you’ll be mixing up soon!

And big thanks to everyone who stopped by to enter. I sure do hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend! XOXOXOXO


Thanks so much for visiting!

*A big thanks to KitchenAid for supplying the prize for this giveaway. I have not been compensated in any way. My opinions, and photographs are my very own. Giveaway open to US residents only.


  1. 1

    Georgia Pellegrini says

    I’m a purist so I’d probably go for white! Thanks so much to you and Kitchen Aid for such an extraordinary giveaway!

  2. 4

    Susan M Ayers says

    Oh I so want the Cobalt Blue mixer! Of course I am not so picky that I wouldn’t take whichever color they wanted to send me either lol

  3. 16

    Maile says

    I am boring, would have to go for white. But I would make some very colorful ice cream ! Mmmmmmm.

  4. 25


    Considering that I’m a baking and ice cream addict, I’d love to win. The color? Most definitely White. Thanks for this great opportunity. Enjoy the 4th!

  5. 30

    Kathy says

    I would choose the pretty red one. WOW, that thing is an eye catcher.. I would love to win one. I follow you on Twitter.

  6. 32

    Larissa pavei says

    WOW! What a wonderful giveaway! I would go with the white mixer! Matches my kitchen!! lol

  7. 37


    I tweeted – JNM86WVU Justin
    Win a KitchenAid Mixer & Ice Cream Maker over at @wearsmanyhats !

  8. 40


    I would definitely take a red one. I love Kitchen AId mixers…real work horses in the kitchen. I’ve never tried the ice cream maker but given that the temperature is now in the 90’s an ice cream maker would be a hit in my house!

  9. 42

    Rengie VanDerMost says

    I’d pick the Cobalt Blue only because it’s close to Saphire and my kids & hubby are all born in September. :)

  10. 43

    Angie Jerde says

    I would take any of the 3 beautiful colors of the fabulous kitchen aid mixer…blue it would be for me!

  11. 53

    Lisa Smith @stretchmarkmama says

    Oh, goodness. I’m in the midst of buying a house that has crisp white cabinets and a red dining room. Sooo… red. I’d go for red!

  12. 59

    Marie H says

    I would pick the BLUE one… it will match my counter tops. I’ve always wanted one.
    I became a fan on Facebook and posted the message about your giveaway.
    Thank you !

  13. 63

    Tracey B says

    I woul LOVE to win a red KitchenAid mixer! Making homemade ice cream would be the perfect project for this summer!

  14. 64

    Leslie Slakoff says

    I love them all but the white would go best in my kitchen!!! Thanks, this is such a fun giveaway!

  15. 66

    Julie Grinstead says

    I would like the white one. I am a plain girl. Not too much of one on loud colors. lol Would love to win one it is great they are having a giveaway.

  16. 69

    Teryn Burnett says

    Empire Red would be amazing to win! The color is so much fun! My kids would have a blast helping mom make goodies with it!

  17. 72

    Katie says

    and i posted on facebook (: and yes i would LOVE one in empire red because its sassy and bold. And sadly after 23 years my old kitchenaid hand me down passed away :( so a beauuuttiful shiney new one to replace old betsey would be a life saver. no but seriously have you ever tried to make whipped cream with only a whisk?

  18. 73

    Kathy Joyner says

    Following you on DID say a separate comment for each one right? LOLZ!

  19. 74

    Brandi Coleman says

    Cobalt blue because it’s my favorite color after yellow!

  20. 76

    Nikki Prothro says

    Red!!!! Thank you SO much for such a fantastic giveaway!!!

  21. 80

    Kashca says

    I’d love a red one…..or a white one……or a blue one. Liked you on Facebook too. Great site!!

  22. 81

    taylor marves says

    i would deff go with the blue i love it!
    taylorcmarves at aol dot com

  23. 86

    Andrea says

    Shared the link on FB, which is kind of a bummer since that makes more people wanting to enter. :)

  24. 103

    Kimberly says

    I just “Liked” you on facebook. :) Fingers crossed!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. 106

    Crystal S says

    I would love to have any color although, i do love the look of the Blue!

  26. 107

    Kari says

    I’d love white! White is always so pretty and clean looking! And goes with everything!

  27. 108

    taylor marves says

    following on facebook
    tay stevenson-marves
    taylorcmarves at aol dot com

  28. 109

    Nikki Prothro says

    Put the link on Facebook for the giveaway, too! =0)

  29. 113

    Laura says

    And for my 3rd entry… I just liked your facebook page!!!
    I REALLY WANT ONE!!! I can’t wait to use the ice cream attachment!!

  30. 119

    Jennifer M. says

    I’d choose the red mixer. Love it! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  31. 120

    Nikki says

    The cobalt blue is gorgeous! And I really want some of your blueberry ice cream! :) Store bought will have to work for now…

  32. 121

    Denise Kale says

    I would go with the red, my kitchen it green and black and red just pops it up.

    • 123

      Jenn McCormick says

      and I meant to say this… I’ve wanted and wanted a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer for years and have always wanted to make my own ice-cream so this would literally be like a dream come true!!!

  33. 127

    Donna Jacobs says

    I just found your site and just in time! I’d so go for a red mixer! I love my Kitchen Aid. I use it all the time and have been thinking of purchasing a second! Hope I win!

  34. 128

    Crystal S says

    I have liked you on facebook! :) reposted seperate for all three! Thanks for the chance, i would love to have this mixer, but good luck and Congrats!!, if it isn’t me..

  35. 132

    Rebecca says

    Oh, I’d go for the Empire Red. I loooooove Red. What an awesome giveaway, thank you!!!

  36. 135

    Jenn McCormick says

    and I posted the contest on Facebook (aka. Jenn McCormick) (and liked you as well…. oh, I also follow you on twitter now!)

  37. 136

    Emily Aubin says

    I would go with the cobolt blue. Even though it doesn’t match anything in my kitchen… I love the color!

  38. 137

    Rebecca says

    I follow you on Facebook! And Twitter! And I”m exclaiming it!

  39. 138

    janet says

    I would chose the cobalt blue one, although I would be happy with whatever color I got :)

  40. 140

    Amanda McBride says

    I have a ton of Red accessories in my kitchen so I would go with Empire Red!

  41. 141

    Georganne says

    Oh man, I was GOING to choose red. And then…you tell me that the blue is really COBALT BLUE. Now I don’t know. Cobalt blue is so much better than just regular blue. What a crazy fun giveaway!!

  42. 150

    Tanya says

    Cobalt blue ROCKS! And I love any kind of chocolate ice cream.

  43. 153

    Christina Reed says

    I shared on Facebook:Win a KitchenAid Mixer & Ice Cream Maker over at @wearsmanyhats !

  44. 158


    I would pick black. its a great color and will go with my color scheme in my kitchen! It would be graeat to win this! then i could give my mother in law her mixer back!!!

  45. 159

    Bry B. says

    I would have to say white because I would more than likely jazz it up with some vinyl stickers to fit the look of my kitchen. They are all beautiful colors though! :)

  46. 161

    Nicole says

    I would totally choose red !!!! Thx for doing this cool giv-a-way !

  47. 162

    Donna says

    I’ve been wanting a red one for like EVER!!! Here’s to hoping I can win one. :-) Thanks for the chance!!

  48. 165

    Jasmine Gee says

    Omg that looks delicious!! I would love the empire red!! Its so beautiful :))

  49. 166

    Dana says

    I’ve been dreaming of getting a Kitchen Aid mixer ever since I got married! I’d go for the classic white! Great giveaway!

  50. 169

    Nicole says

    Just liked you on facebook….supet excited about it too ! Can’t wait to start seing your posts :)

  51. 172

    karen says

    It’s probably boring but I like white… I already Like you on Fb

  52. 173


    White would be wonderful. I would love to be able to make sugar free dairy free sorbet!

  53. 175

    Kari says

    I liked she wears many hats on twitter also! I’m excited to get to read all the fun stuff you put up! I love to try new recipes!

  54. 180

    Cassie says

    Ohhh I love all the colors but to match my kitchen I would go with white. What an awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  55. 185

    Jillian Mitchell says

    I am die’n over that Cobalt Blue one! I have wanted that darn ice cream maker for years!

  56. 189

    Kymber says

    any of the colors would be great…but would LOVE the white one!

  57. 192

    Theresa Sea says

    what an amazing giveaway! Thank you so much! I think I’d pick the blue, although the white would probably match my kitchen better. Hmmmmm….choices, choices! :)

  58. 193

    Donna says

    I like you on Facebook!! Again thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize.

  59. 201

    Renae says

    I would LOVE to win the red one! I would actually LOVE to win the ice cream maker and give my best friend the mixer because I already have one!

  60. 202

    Sara Burfeind says

    Hmmmm…I think the RED one would look great on my counter! :)
    Good luck to everyone!

  61. 205

    Jasmine Gee says

    WOW that looks absolutely delicious,
    I would love the empire red, my favorite color!!
    just a heads up on comment 167 my first comment didnt seem to post because my iphone was acting weird so I decided to redo on my laptop… just thought i would make that known!! :]]

  62. 212

    Nina Botta says

    Oh My!! I have always wanted a Cobalt Blue KitchenAid!! Crossing my fingers, toes, AND eyes…;-) Done all 3!

  63. 213

    Adele says

    Red would look great in my kitchen! Thank you for this amazing idea, my 4 year old asked me the other day how you make ice cream, if I win I’d be able to show her!!!

  64. 215

    Christine says

    Cobalt blue- something soothing and oceany about it. Plus my wedding ring is a sapphire, so maybe I just have a thing for blue.

  65. 224

    Mandy says

    I’m already following @SheWearsManyHats on twitter. (@aandj8804)

  66. 226

    Adele says

    I just shared on Facebook too, hopefully that won’t decrease my chances…

  67. 229

    Nikki says

    I ‘liked’ you on fb and shared your link! I’m really craving ice cream now! 😉 Blue is still gorgeous!

  68. 236

    Fabiola H. says

    Since I took cooking classes in High School I discovered I loved this machine. I always wanted the white or red one. Too hard to choose…ooohhh I’ve wanted one for sooo long!! I’m crossing my fingers :)

  69. 239

    Amy Jo says

    I am in love with my 15 year old white Kitchen Aid Mixer but it has always been my dream to have a Red Kitchen Aid Mixer on my counter! Winning a Red Kitchen Aid Mixer would be the official start of my “Dream Kitchen”! Since having to quit working because of MS my greatest joy comes from what my mixer & I can create!

  70. 245

    Amy Jo says

    I tweeted on Twitter! Thank You for the opportunity to win the mixer of my dreams!

  71. 246

    Jared Levan says

    I LOVE the white! I would match all my white cast iron!

  72. 254

    Amy Jo says

    I liked you on Facebook & I am sure I will be loving your posts! I am also following you on Twitter! Good Luck to all of the others that have entered the contest! Have a wonderful time making goodies for July 4th Celebrations! I hope next year I will be whipping mine up on my new Red Kitchen Aid Mixer!

  73. 262

    Nourhan @ Miss Anthropist's Kitchen says

    I think I would love the blue one! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  74. 263

    Taylor Paige says

    I’m in love with ALL the colors! But being a Kentucky Wildcat fan, I’d have to go with that beautiful bluegrass BLUE!

  75. 278

    TidyMom says

    gosh…… much as I LOVE the Empire Red I think I would go with Cobalt Blue!! ♥

  76. 292


    Red! Love red accents in the kitchen and I’d LOVE to have the ice cream attachment. That blueberry pie ice cream looks… amazing. Seriously, I could eat my weight in that! :)

  77. 295

    Scott says

    Amy! Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway! Hope you and your family enjoy a fun and safe 4th of July!
    I’m partial to the Empire Red KA myself :)

  78. 302

    Scott says

    Amy, thanks for the chance at this great giveaway!
    I’m partial to the Empire Red KA myself :)

    • 303

      Scott says

      oops! I don’t know how it doubled the first entry! But let’s count this as my “I tweeted the giveaway post!”, please? :)

  79. 309

    Brianne says


    Still using the hand crank– obviously we don’t get homemade ice-cream around here often. 😉

  80. 312

    TidyMom says

    I already like you on Twitter, FB and every where you go! :-)

  81. 316

    Amy @ Living Locurto says

    I’d love to have a blue mixer. Sounds fun!! Great giveaway!

  82. 317

    Joanne Murphy says

    I would have to chose the blue one! I love that shade of blue!

  83. 319

    Tommie Kern says

    I love the Kitchen Aid mixer! I wish I had my own but I just steal my moms! I’d take any color I could get but If I had to choose just one I would go with the Cobalt Blue. Blue is my favorite color and how after do you see blue appliances in someones kitchen? Awesome!

  84. 326

    Terra Chew says

    I would go for the empire red!!! It would very much match my americana theme in the house!!! And it is my dream to finally have one! Thank you so much for the awsome ideas on your blog!

  85. 328

    stephanie miller says

    i would love the cobalt blue one!! thanks for this great giveaway!!!

  86. 335

    Heather Weisenfels says

    I would love to win the Empire Red!!
    It looks amazing and I bet it will mix up some lovely dessearts
    Thank you for the chance to win..

  87. 336

    stephanie miller says

    liked she wears many hats on facebook, stephanie rowe miller

  88. 347

    Amy @ Living Locurto says

    Tweeted!!! Oh, and I think I would like white now:-) hee. I can’t decide!

  89. 350

    Michelle Lyons says

    I “liked” you on Facebook! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. If I win, I would love to have the red one!

  90. 354

    Heather Weisenfels says

    I have posted on FB!

    Would love to win the Red one!!

  91. 355

    Janet Gaytan says

    OMGosh- i totally want one of these! i have been trying to save up for one, but getting one for free would be awesome. I would definitely have to pick the red one :)

  92. 356

    Christina Arnold says

    I “like” She wears many hats on Facebook! Thanks again

  93. 361


    I’d have to go with Cobalt Blue…I love the color. But, to be honest, any cloro kitchen aid mixer can enter my kitchen…I will work it ’til it can’t go no more!!!

  94. 363

    Dawn N Hofstad says

    I’d have to go for a blue one! My boys and I will have so much fun making ice cream!!

  95. 364

    jules says

    i would pick the white because it would go so well with my freshly painted green kitchen! oh, i am dreaming up all the wonderful things i would bake–and the ice cream i would make! i always mix by hand–lost one of my beaters on my hand mixer and always forget to get a new one! silly me! how wonderful! i also like she wears many hats on facebook–julie burns

  96. 372

    Lynn Collier says

    Cobalt Blue and I also liked you on facebook. great giveaway!!!

  97. 386

    Heather Weisenfels says

    I would love the red!!
    I have posted on twitter fb & already Like

  98. 390

    Dawn N Hofstad says

    I’m a new follower on FB. Why is this the first time I’m hearing of you?

  99. 391

    terri dobbs says

    I tweeted and am a follower….Empire red!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. 398

    Ginger Horchler says

    I would choose a blue mixer because, my son is in the Air Force and the blue reminds me of him in uniform. I could make treats to mail to him. Thanks for the giveaway! Fun, Fun, Fun.

  101. 399

    Janet Gaytan says

    Shared the message on my Facebook page, altho i didn’t really want to lessen those chances to get one, better to share!!!

  102. 400

    Patrina Mitchell says

    I would choose the blue, since it looks so awesome!

  103. 403

    jennifer madden says

    I shared the link on face book and i have already liked you on facebook- thats how I knew about this! Thanks for the chance.

  104. 404

    Alyssa Tucker says

    Cobalt Blue!

    Liked “She Wears Many Hats” on Facebook


    Shared page on my Facebook!

    Mmmm Ice cream. : ) This would be the perfect addition to my kitchen!

  105. 408

    Julia says

    Oh…and I’d love the Blue one!!!! It’s just PERFECT!!!

  106. 413

    Cindy B. says

    I really like the Cobalt Blue.Thanks for giving me a chance to win.

  107. 417

    Susan Rea says

    I love the KitchenAid Mixer….all three are beautiful. I would probably choose white, but any would make me happy!! :o) Thanks for the wonderful Giveaway!!

  108. 418

    Rebecca says

    I would LOVE an Empire Red one, please! Thank you! I hope I win!

  109. 419

    Helen Brophy says

    “LIKED” you on FB !! Still, the WHITE one…………………….. LOL

  110. 420

    Tena Nading says

    I would pick the red, It would go great with my rooster decor!

  111. 421

    Lesa Vaughn says

    Wow! I love the patriotic colors of the mixers & the ice cream attachment too! Really partial to that red one!

  112. 422

    Julia says

    And I just RT on Twitter from @thinking_leaf
    LOVE this giveaway!!!

  113. 423

    Susan Rea says

    I love the KitchenAid Mixer….all three are beautiful. I would probably choose white, but any would make me happy!! :o) Thanks for the wonderful Giveaway!! The Ice Cream maker looks & sounds great!!

  114. 428

    Imitation by Design says

    Hmmm…I really couldn’t go with just white… so I’d have to say Cobalt Blue!! Love it! Awesome giveaway!

  115. 430

    Rachael G says

    Love the classic white! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  116. 432

    nikki says

    I’d go with white since we want our kitchen to be blue and white.

  117. 433

    Chris Wheeler says

    My kitchen is chickens with red accents – so I would need an Empire Red

  118. 444

    Beth says

    Follow you on Twitter – @simplybudgeted (Would love a follow back!!) Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance!

  119. 448

    De'Anna says

    I would pick RED. No id doesn’t match my kitchen but, it would make a statement LOL I would want everyone to see it. How can you miss RED :-)

  120. 450

    Heather says

    I already liked you on FB but now I am also following you on Twitter

  121. 451


    What an awesome giveaway! I found you via Sugardrama re-tweet :) It is too hard to pick, but I think I’d go for Cobalt blue.
    Thanks for the chance!

  122. 453

    Angela says

    I loooooove the red one… would match most things in my kitchen. :)

  123. 457

    Ginger Horchler says

    I would pick a blue one, my son is in the Air Force and the blue reminds me of his uniform. I could make treats to mail to him. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Fun, fun, fun.

  124. 460

    Tracey @ Kitchen Playground says

    I’d choose white! Just nice, simple white.

  125. 462

    Lynda Foster says

    The red one would look pretty with my Sunflower Fiesta Ware. I liked you on FB!

  126. 468

    sandy says

    I’d pick the blue, it’s such a beautiful color and my daughter and husbands favorite color….posting on FB and going to try to tweet, I’m not real good at the tweeting thing yet :)

  127. 470

    Heidi F says

    I would definatly choose the empire red that would be so amazing love your site!!!!!

  128. 471


    Wow, I would really love one of these. Winning one would probably be the only way I’d ever get to get one lol. I’d love…. blue :)

  129. 473

    evelyn says

    hmm.. a tough decision. but i would have to choose the white one. I also liked your facebook page.

  130. 476


    I’m all about RED – all my kitchen appliances are RED (well, not the stove) but my cookware is RED! My child is even a red-head. So obviously I would choose RED.

  131. 479

    Brandy Gutierrez says

    I would chose red and give it to my sister in law. 😀

  132. 481

    Rita Milligan says

    I have been dreaming about the Empire Red one for well over a year now!

  133. 482

    Kendra says

    I would choose the colbalt blue – one of my most favorite colors!

  134. 484

    Jess @ littlegirlbigappetite says

    Of course the Empire Red!!!! It is tooo sexayyy :)

  135. 485

    carol says

    I would be grateful to have any color( Empire Red, White, or Cobalt Blue.) just to have a great Kitchen-aide mixer.I love to bake and I love your site!

  136. 489

    Donna says

    I would choose the Empire Red. It’s a great bold color. Thanks for doing this. Terriffic giveaway.

  137. 494

    MzLissette says

    Red Please would go great
    i liked you on facebook
    followed and retweeted you on twitter
    but cant figure out how to share on facebook

    • 495

      Donna says

      I just copied the link and shared on my status (at the upper section of my wall). Hope this helps.

  138. 497

    Elizabeth Goad says

    THIS is the kind of giveaway I would love to win! Who wants movie tickets when you can stay at home and make ice cream?!?!?! I make custom ordered cakes from my home (the business is called Goad A La Mode Cakes) so a mixer would be put to GREAT use at the Goad Abode. haha yea..I’m full of the rhyming Goad jokes. Corny. Anyway! I also have five kids that love to make smoothies, so I can imagine the creations they would come up with if I had an ice cream maker! It makes me so happy to see them be so excited about berries and bananas and yogurt! **Crossing my fingers!!**

  139. 498

    Brandy Gutierrez says

    Shared this link on facebook. Someone is going to be very lucky to win this!

  140. 506

    teri Draper says

    empire Red. I woudl love any of them , im not picky but I love the red.

  141. 507

    loretta shumpert says

    classic white
    red is beautiful
    cobalt blue is startling

  142. 512

    Connie Jenner says

    I would like the Cobalt Blue. Would love to win this.

  143. 513

    Bobbie Taylor says

    I would choose the white but would be graciously happy with any of the colors :)

  144. 514

    Elaina Boren says

    I would love,love, love a RED KA MIXER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. 516

    Kim says

    I just left a comment of your facebook page too, saying that I would love a white mixer!

  146. 520

    Brianne says

    I LOVE the blue mixer!!! I was actually just pricing standing mixers online yesterday. Thanks for the contest :)

  147. 521

    Sheryl says

    Blue! My fave color. I can make some good stuff with these.

  148. 522

    Tina C says

    Since we have a classic vintage kitchen… white would be my choice! But… I would not dare snub my nose at ANY of these beauties!

  149. 531

    Robin Holcomb says

    I like all three but think I prefer the white. However, feel free to give me any color!

  150. 534

    Kathleen Forbes says

    I’d have to pick blue too. An ice cream attachment is sooo cool!

  151. 538

    Kathaleen Kammer says

    I need this! I would love a cobalt blue one, I would take any color really, just to have one! I tweeted, Posted on my Facebook (shared) and also blogged your contest

  152. 542

    Kathaleen Kammer says

    I need this! I would love a cobalt blue one, I would take any color really, just to have one!

  153. 546

    Susie Q says

    I would love the white to give to my Mom who would never go out and get one for herself! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  154. 547

    milaxx says

    I would love a kitchen aide in White. I’m a plain jane kinda gal.

  155. 550

    Charlene Bankston says

    I love the white one! It will never go out of style.

  156. 551

    Katie says

    I would love the Cobalt Blue!! I did all 3 of the options.. It would great to win!!! :) Have a wonderful day!!

  157. 553

    Ebony says

    Cobalt Blue will be my color of choice!!!! I shared on FB on commented on the your page!!!

  158. 556

    Jessica D. says

    I would choose the blue:) Very excited for the ice cream maker part!

  159. 557

    Charlie says

    Would love to have the RED ! Thanks for the chance, Ms. Amy !

  160. 560

    Kathaleen Kammer says

    Posted on my Facebook (shared) and also blogged your contest

  161. 561

    Heather says

    I tweeted (after my internet finally got off it’s duff!)

  162. 564

    Jackie Dryden says

    I would go for the Empire Red! It matches my kitchen! I would so love to win this! Wold be a great asset for all my caking needs-and whats better than cake AND ice cream!

  163. 567

    ohmagada says

    white! that way all the flour/sugar mess i’m bound to make will blend in :)

  164. 568

    Linda Yulanavage says

    Empire Red – time to redo the kitchen to match! Time for a change.

  165. 571

    Linda says

    I would love a new kitchen aid mixer. and color would be fine with me. My mother-in-law has one. She has made some great cake out of hers. I know I could also do the same. so I hope I win.
    thanks Linda

  166. 573

    Rebecca @ The Reluctant Housewife says

    Ooohhhh….the RED one! Love it!

  167. 574

    Jenny says

    I would pick red, for my huband! He is the baker in our family. We are buying our first home together and planning a cool red 1950s retro kitchen. Whay would look better than a fancy red kitchenaid stand mixer?!?!

  168. 575


    I love your site!!! and i would choose the Red!!! i love all of them though! thanks for the awesome site!

  169. 577

    Jackie Dryden says

    I shared on facebook the link! I would choose Empie Red! Awsome give away!!!!!

  170. 580

    Rebecca @ The Reluctant Housewife says

    AND…for my second entry…I’m now following you on Twitter!

  171. 581

    Casey Ray says

    These machines are so FABULOUS! When I bake, I have to borrow one … but it makes the best desserts!!! I am dying to try the ice cream maker, too. I would really love to win a white one.

  172. 583

    Shannon Williams says

    Red would be nice, it would go with my new dishes.

  173. 587

    Nicole Kberg says

    I wish I may, I wish I might, have the Red Kithenaide I see tonight. Thanks for the opportunity!

  174. 590

    Jackie Dryden says

    I am followig on facebook-Empire Red is my hearts desire!! Thanks!

  175. 598

    Veronica Miele says

    I really, really, really want a mixer and ice cream maker!!! It’s been a dream since I graduated college to buyer a mixer of my own, but unfortunately college debt has not allowed for this to happen yet :( I would love to win! I would appreciate the white Kitchen Aid.

  176. 599


    i am your newest fan on facebook. like my page too please. CakesInLove we do custom design cakes in Anchorage Alaska!!!

  177. 600

    Michelle L. says

    that’s a very hard choice…right now I’m leaning towards red, but blue is a close 2nd.

  178. 606


    I would say Empire Red. Who wouldn’t want something with the title Empire in their kitchen??

  179. 607

    Antonia says

    I love the cobalt blue because blue is my favorite color, but would ope for the white. I like to match things and white would match the best in my kitchen. I love to bake so this would be a great addition to my home and kitchen.

  180. 609

    Teresa says

    I’d LOVE the red one! I’ll be wishing on my lucky star that I win this one! :)

  181. 615

    Sarah Daniels says

    I would choose Red <3 I've wanted a Kitchenaid mixer for years! What a great Giveaway!

  182. 616

    Sarah Hasse says

    What an awesome giveaway!!! I love them all but would probably choose white!

  183. 620


    I would choose red because there is absolutely no better color than red. Ever. For Anything. :)

  184. 622

    donna giblin says

    I would so pick Red, I love Red accents in my kitchen. Thank you for such an awesome giveaway!

  185. 627

    Linda Warren says

    LOVE the white Kitchenaid Mixer. Liked on FB and shared!!

  186. 632

    VickiRae says

    I would choose Blue, even though it matches nothing in my kitchen. :) I just love that deep blue color.

  187. 641

    Amanda Burkhart says

    What a great giveaway! I’d love-love-love the blue one! And I am following you on facebook, as well, thanks to the link from TidyMom.

  188. 644

    Mary Levee says

    …and I also left a comment…the red would be fabulous, if I were to win!

  189. 651

    Renee Mikulin says

    I would love to win the Empire Red or Cobalt blue Kitchen Aide mixer !!!!

  190. 653

    Mary Levee says

    I Liked you on FB…then, when I tried to comment for the second time, it said I had already commented…definitely, I am doing something incorrectly (but not on purpose….:) ) Any way, I would choose the red because it sounds like it would be a really cool color in my kitchen…thanks for the chance to actually win something!

  191. 654

    Deana says

    I love all things red, so that would be my pick I just posted the link on FB and I already like She Wears Many Hats.

  192. 658

    Brandy Lifto says

    I loooooove the RED! Or Empire Red to be exact! 😉

  193. 660

    Sonia Torres says

    Kithchen Aid in White Kithcen Aid in Blue Kitchen Aid in RED I think I like You!

  194. 663

    Brandy Allred says

    I would pick the white one..We just redecorated my kitchen and the white would be perfect. Thanks for such an awesome give away!

  195. 665

    Sarah Daniels says

    I now follow you on Facebook my favorite ice cream in the world is Tillamook peanut butter and chocolate I can just imagine what home made peanutbutter and chocolate would taste like YUMMMMM!

  196. 668

    Briana says

    I choose the Blue!!!! Thanks for the chance to win a wonderful prize!!!

  197. 669

    Angela Jones says

    I would love a RED one. It would go great in my Kitchen. Red is my accent color. Thank you for doing this giveaway.. Kitchen Aid has great product.

  198. 673

    Sarah Daniels says

    I left a comment on my page for my friends and family to follow you and to give them a chance at this great giveaway!

  199. 674

    carol says

    blue….. no, red. wait, white…. no, red. definitely white. yes, white.
    such a hard choice. they are all so beautiful! :)

  200. 675

    Brandy Allred says

    Ok I shared on Facebook! I would still pick the white..

  201. 677

    Michelle Beaber says

    I liked, I shared and Red is soo my color. I have a flat of strawberries being prepared for the freezer and they’re just begging to be put in some ice cream.

  202. 680

    kat says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a shiny white kitchen aid mixer! Thanks for the chance to win!

  203. 682


    Wow! This is an awesome givaway! The cadillac of mixers!! I’m not picky, I would LOVE any color, they’re all gorgeous to me. But since my favorite color is blue I think my first choice would be the cobalt blue. Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity!

  204. 684

    kat says

    I liked you on facebook! Thanks for the chance to win a snowball white kitchen aid mixer!!!

  205. 685


    I would pick the Red! My kitchen is done in an apple them and I think it would look perfect in there. =) What an awesome giveaway, Thank you for the opportunity. My kids would LOVE homemade ice cream. =)

  206. 688


    I’ve always dreamed of owning an empire red kitchenaide! An ice cream maker just makes it even sweeter!! Awesome giveaway :)

  207. 695

    Rori Berardi says

    I dream about the Kitchen Aid mixer… but could never afford it!!

    I would love the Cobalt Blue!!!!

    Following you on Twitter, FB, and reposted the message on each! All digits are crossed!

  208. 702

    Angela Miller says

    I would LOVE an Empire Red mixer! My kitchen is done in apples and that red would look amazing. With 5 kids, I would put this mixer to use!

  209. 705

    Mary Ruff says

    I would love to have the Cobalt Blue KitchenAid, I have always wanted one that color..I love Blue and kitchenAid mixers..I would make my cakes and ice cream with pride!

    Thanks for this opportunity to participate to win the mixer of my dreams!!!

    Ill also shared your link on my Facebook feed and Liked your page too..Thanks, Mary =)

    • 706

      Mary Ruff says

      Meant to say I tweeted your link too, and sharing you link on my web site as well..thanks!

  210. 708

    Karen says

    OMG!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win a KitchenAid Mixer and Ice Cream attachment!! I am saving my pennies to buy one of these bad boys!!! I would definitely pick RED, but that Blue is sure pretty too!! But my heart has been set on the RED one!! On to facebook to “like” you!! Thanks again!!

  211. 709


    I can’t get enough Cobalt Blue in any form, least of all a Kitchen Aid. LOVE that. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  212. 713

    Sydney Bishop says

    I would most likely go with white since we are redoing our kitchen and not to sure what color scheme we are doing, so white would go with whatever we choose. Thanks for having such a kick butt giveaway!

  213. 714

    Courtney says

    Red!! And I would give it to my mom, because I already have a white one 😉

  214. 716

    Yvonne Higgins says

    I would love to win the red mixer to go in my newly painted kitchen. I have lost 100 pounds and homemade ice cream would be a great way to celebrate. Not a lot of ice cream just a lot of celebrating.

  215. 717

    carolyn says

    Cobalt blue please….Need one to make better cheesecake….. Yuuuum

  216. 721

    Sydney Bishop says

    I tweeted about the giveaway! @DotsandDoilies I know I said this already but thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!

  217. 728


    I would go for white. Maybe someday I’ll have my dream kitchen with lots of retro colors, and white would be perfect for it. :)

  218. 729

    Shanna says

    I’d take the red – DEFINITELY!! Would match the color scheme in my kitchen. :)

  219. 731

    Jenn B says

    I am always in love with the red kitchenaid! It’s bold and sassy and can obviously handle any mess you throw into it! I would be over the moon for the ice cream attachment as my first love is truly ice cream. Now all I can think about is all my bookmarked recipes that would be put to use :)

  220. 741

    Emily says

    I would definitely pick the red kitchen aid mixer to go with my red fiestaware! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  221. 744

    Lena Williams says

    I have never owned one of these and I would probably choose the red one if I were lucky enough to win!

  222. 746

    Violet Martin says

    Empire Red, would look GREAT in with my country apple kitchen decor!

  223. 751

    Pam says

    RED!!!! My soon to be daughter in law would love me to give her a red one!!!!!

  224. 759

    Judy Johnson says

    I already like you on Facebook. I posted it on my wall and I had left a comment that I would like blue, but I don’t see it so I’m posting it again. Thanks for the opportunity. I love reading your recipes and what not.

  225. 761

    sydney85 says

    The Cobalt Blue would be wonderful for my new apartment kitchen. Looking forward to making your blueberry pie ice cream. I do not have a facebook account so I will tell you my favorite ice cream flavor is passionfruit.

  226. 763

    Jill says

    Wow, I like all the colors. It’s a toss-up between the Empire Red and Cobalt Blue. I guess the red. Or you could surprise me!

  227. 765

    beth says

    White to replace my dying white one. All my other kitchen aid is white. Great site!

  228. 768

    Katherine Ambrose says

    I love the cobalt blue. A fun punch of color for the kitchen counter.

  229. 769

    Kristi Casey says

    Done, done and done. I sure would like a new red mixer or some homemade ice cream.

  230. 772

    Dianna P. says

    I like the white one best, but would be happy with any color!!!

  231. 774


    I already have a KitchenAid… in Cobalt Blue! If I won, I would get the red one and give it as a present to my sweetheart mom…. but I would keep the ice cream attachment 😉 hahaha

  232. 783

    Rebecca says

    I want red. Just because it’s purty. :-) Thanks for the opportunity to win! Great giveaway!

  233. 787

    Brenda says

    Posted link to enter She Wears Many Hats Giveaway!!! This icecream is driving me crazy – looks so good!!!

  234. 790

    MaryBeth says

    I liked you on FB and shared my favorite ice cream flavor – cashew caramel with milk chocolate hard cap. I’m going to try to make it myself wearing my chef hat when I win this awesome mixer {wink wink}!

  235. 791

    Amy says

    Toss up…white or blue…not sure…but a great giveaway no less! :o)

  236. 792

    Patty Welch says

    Red or Blue…such a tough decision and since I don’t have one I would be happy with any color. But I guess I would go with Blue

  237. 798

    Janelle Hamilton says

    I would love to have the red or white one!!! I have been trying to get my hubby to buy me one for years!!!! I hope I win one thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!!!

  238. 818

    Christina v says

    I would want the red mixer to be a red hot mixing mama!!! Awesome attachment

  239. 820

    Angela says

    Red!! We are moving, and I am doing my kitchen in red white and black!

  240. 821

    Wonderwiper says

    Cobalt blue! It’s my favorite color, the color in my kitchen and even the color in my wedding!

  241. 822

    ~Nique says

    I would love the Red mixer -or Empire Red to be exact! Great Prizes!

  242. 823

    renea says

    I would totally choose the white one so I can tell where the dirt is hen cleaning.

  243. 826

    Jennifer S. says

    Oh…how can one choose? I think I would pick blue. Kinda pretty and calm. :)

  244. 828

    Virginia Nicoll says

    I think the red would really pull my kitchen together. 😉

  245. 831

    Kori says

    If I had my choice, I’d pick the blue one. Can never go wrong with blue. =)

  246. 837

    Jennifer S. says

    Annnnnd, I have liked you on fb since, well, for a long time. 😀

  247. 847

    sarah says

    Ooooooh! This is an awesome giveaway!!!!! I would love the white! Clean and simple!!!

  248. 848

    christiane says

    As much as I love the blue, in 30 years I may not be so keen on my trendy 2011 choice, so ill choose white. :) thanks for offering this!

  249. 849

    Rebecca BrownVarda says

    I would LOVE the beautiful RED (Empire Red) Kitchen Aid and the ice cream maker would be a blast! Thank you for such a GREAT giveaway!

  250. 850

    Katie says

    I would go for blue! I’ve wanted a blue KitchenaAid mixer FOREVER! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  251. 851


    I just shared this great giveaway on my facebook wall! I hope I win, that way I can make ice cream everyday this summer!

  252. 853

    june blasingame says

    Empire Red!!! LOVE it! Of course…I’d be happy having one regardless:) Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  253. 855

    Caroline Curtis says

    I would love a blue kitchen aid mixer! I make cakes for 4-H and would really appreciate one. Thanks!

  254. 864

    Emilie says

    I would get the white mixer to match my pastel pink appliances! 😀

  255. 867

    Emilie says