Ice Cream Sundays + Ice Cream Maker Giveaway

Ice Cream Sundays #IceCreamSundays

Summer is officially here! Woohoo! Summertime around here means long summer nights, bare feet, and homemade ice cream. And who doesn’t like homemade ice cream?

My friend, Robyn at, and I are excited to begin Ice Cream Sundays where we’ll share our favorite homemade ice cream and ice cream related recipes each Sunday throughout the summer. From classic flavors to fun combinations, we don’t discriminate—we love them all!

And we’d like to hear from you too! We invite you to join us in our virtual ice cream social by sharing your favorite ice cream recipes on Pinterest using the hashtag #icecreamsundays!

To help kick-off Ice Cream Sundays, we’re each giving away one Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker.

Ice Cream Sundays Ice Cream Sundays Ice Cream Maker Giveaway #IceCreamSundays

Giveaway has ended! Thank you for entering. A winner has been selected and contacted.

Ice Cream Maker Giveaway Details

To enter, leave a comment telling me about your favorite ice cream!

You can also get a few extra entries with the following:

Then head back to this post, and leave a separate comment for each that you did.

That means you have a total of 6 times to enter here, AND remember, you have more chances to enter over at Robyn’s site too!


This giveaway ends June 28th at 11:59 PM Eastern. The winner will be announced sometime the following day.

One (1) random winner will be selected to win one (1) Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker. The winner will be selected and contacted by email sometime on June 29th, 2013.

Giveaway open to US and Canadian residents only.


Be sure to check back next Sunday for Ice Cream Sundays!

Happy Summer!


Disclosure: Links are included to Amazon for additional information only. These are not affiliate links. This is NOT a sponsored post in any way. Just sharing the good stuff with my friends. xoxo



  1. 3

    Joanna says

    What an awesome giveaway. I adore salted caramel ice cream. But generally everything from the book the Perfect Scoop is delicious.

  2. 23


    My favorite flavors fluctuate between a rich vanilla bean or a super dark chocolate. Simple, classic and perfect!

  3. 34

    amy says

    My favorite ice cream is vanilla – but real vanilla with flecks of bean – not just some lacking all flavor stuff. I like to eat it with fresh blueberries or strawberries or peaches. Yum.

  4. 36

    Marie says

    My favorite ice cream is Cheesecake…with NO mix-ins! (Although I wouldn’t say no to it even if it DID have mix-ins…)

  5. 52

    Maggie Wallace says

    My favorite ice cream would have to be moose tracks! A little bit of everything!

  6. 53


    Just found a recipe for Wendy’s copycat Frosty and would love to make. Worked for Wendy’s in high school and have been addicted for life.

  7. 76

    Amanda G says

    My favorite ice cream is Mint N Chip. For me it has always been a longtime favorite.

  8. 81

    Rebecca says

    My favorite is pretty much anything with a fudge/chocolate swirl. Bonus points for including peanut butter.

  9. 107

    Victoria says

    My favorite ice cream flavor is sea salt – especially Murphy’s sea salt ice cream in Ireland.

  10. 113

    Darrah says

    My absolute favorite ice cream flavor (even though I really like them ALL) is mint chocolate chip. The green one. It has to be green!

  11. 130


    What a fun giveaway. Perfect for summer ice cream parties. :) My favorite ice cream is chocolate ice cream top with nutella and toasted hazelnuts.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  12. 142

    Lily Sheng says

    I already subscribe to your feeds via my Google Reader, that’s how I found out about this giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. 153

    Kristina says

    Pistachio is my favorite flavor, but last weekend I had a wonderful sweet corn ice cream made in-house at a local restaurant. I’ll have to try making it myself sometime.

  14. 168

    Amber says

    I love cookies & cream and my husband loves butter pecan. Any kind of homemade ice cream sounds good to me!

  15. 176


    I love way too many ice cream flavors to count! But, I will share with you two memories of ice cream making. My uncle had an ice cream maker when I was younger, and one summer day, my sister and I had an ice cream stand and we sold two different flavors of ice cream by the side of the road (like a lemonade stand). Another year, at Christmas, we made candy cane ice cream, and I lost my tooth while eating it! haha. (:

  16. 179

    Paula says

    Thanks for the chance to win. I love a local store’s flavor: strawberry, banana and cream. Yum.

  17. 187


    my fav icecream,which i dont get out of small town usa too much ,is the java coffee ice cream at baskin robbins,closest one is a hr and 1/2 away,but maybe i could learn how to make my own coffee icecream if i win!! :)

  18. 188

    Kindra R. says

    My favorite ice cream has always been mint chocolate chip. Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  19. 192

    Pat Kessler says

    My favorite ice cream is coconut, and when I get back to PA I have to have teaberry ice cream. It brings back childhood memories.

  20. 194

    Kaitlyn O'Brien says

    I love the peach ice cream from Bruster’s! Wish I knew a great homemade recipe for peach. I also had an excellent mint Oreo homemade ice cream once! I need to get that recipe as well.

  21. 196

    Stephanie C. says

    My favorite ice cream is plain coffee flavor without any bits of brownie or candy in it.

  22. 203

    Aimee H. says

    I am a huge fan of vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream! I want to be able to make my own!

  23. 210


    My favorite ice cream has to be the hand-cranked peach ice cream my Dad used to make for our July 4th block parties when I was a kid. There was just nothing like it. Yeah, we kids had to do all the cranking, but it was worth it!

  24. 213

    Rebecca says

    Coffee ice cream – the best!! Second best is any kind of caramel related ice cream!!

  25. 219

    Jeffrey says

    I like a vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups and chocolate/peanut butter swirls.

  26. 244

    Tracy says

    I never met a flavor I didn’t like!! My favorites involve some kind of caramel.

  27. 245

    Nicole S. says

    Nothing beats Vanilla when you have something to go with it for dessert. However, I love Rocky Road too!

  28. 248

    Angela S. says

    I LOVE this giveaway-we were just getting ready to purchase this exact one! I can’t wait to make ice cream with my kids!

  29. 257

    Susan says

    My favourite ice cream is either pistchio or neopolitan. There is something about the pale green color that is alluring and the nuts just add an extra dimension that does it for me. Of course Neopolitan is “cute”, and growing up it came in little square block packages that when peeled back really showed off the blocks of color–lots of fun for kids or the kid still in us :) I’d love to be able to experiment making my own icecream with that cuinart ice cream maker. What a generous give away. :)

  30. 265

    Alice Mizer says

    lately, its been vanilla ice cream but I do like a good coffee & chocolate ice cream! :)

  31. 273

    Andrea says

    I am already an email subscriber (with the same email as in the form on this entry)

  32. 276

    Kelly says

    My go-to ice cream is cookies and cream! It’s a blissful mix of all things sweet and delish!

  33. 277

    lizzieeee says

    I absolutely love chocolate malted crunch from Rite Aid (formerly Thrifty’s). Its a delicious flavor from my childhood.

  34. 283

    Doris says

    When I was a child my favorite ice cream was raspberry ripple. Now I love coffee ice cream with caramel sauce.

  35. 289

    Jennifer K says

    I love Key Lime Pie ice cream with yummy bits of gooey graham cracker in it!

  36. 299

    Rory W says

    My favorite ice cream is definitely mint cookies and cream. Yum! Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. 321

    Kiley says

    My favorite type of ice cream would be vanilla that is loaded up with all the good stuff- chocolate chunks, brownie bites, tons of sprinkles, hot fudge, and topped with whipped cream! :)

  38. 322

    Nessa says

    Double dunker- coffee flavored ice cream with chocolate cookie swirl and cookie dough pieces. I know right?! Yummmmm :)

  39. 324

    Kiley says

    I just started following (now even more) of your Pinterest! Such yummy boards, can’t wait to see what you post. :)

  40. 331

    teri says

    I just ate a container of Hagen Daz Cappuccino Gelato… That’s my latest favorite!!! :)

  41. 332

    Micky says

    I usually prefer sorbet or gelato, but these days I’m liking pistachio ice cream!

  42. 333

    Heather says

    I love homemade Vanilla ice cream! My mom makes a recipe that it to die for! Great giveaway!

  43. 342


    I love goat cheese and honey ice cream! I tend to go for more unusual flavors most of the time. It will be interesting to see what flavors of gelato I like most when I am in Italy!

  44. 343

    Deborah says

    My favorite is homemade peach with a rich vanilla base. Pineapple is another favorite.

  45. 351

    Maria Malaveci says

    My favorite icecream is Mint Chocolate Chip! Always has been


  46. 352

    Maria Malaveci says

    Follow She Wears Many Hats on Pinterest


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