The Go Savor Culinary Retreat is coming up!

We’re headed to Savannah, Georgia, next week for the first Go Savor Culinary Retreat. We’ll be on Twitter and Facebook sharing our finds. And thanks to our generous retreat partners, we have a few goodies up our sleeves to share with you. The first one begins right now.

Maybe you know of another destination that offers scrumptiousness at ever corner. Or possibly you’ve been pining away to head to that place you keep hearing about that gives you a hankering for your favorite eats? Well, tell us about it.

Tell us where you’d go savor next. And you may win.

Win, you say? (This giveaway has already ended and a winner has been chosen. See below.)

Yes, one (1) winner will randomly chosen to receive a $100 gift certificate to, one of our culinary retreat partners.

It’s simple to enter. Again, just tell us where you would go savor. There are no wrong answers. And you can be sure we’ll be taking notes.

Entries will be accepted until Sunday, March 6, Midnight PST; Winner will be announced Monday, March 7, 2011.

So what are you waiting for? Where do you want to Go Savor next?

Can’t wait to hear your suggestions! Keep ‘em coming!

You can find on Facebook and Twitter. Stop by and say hello!

And check out details about the first Go Savor Culinary Retreat.


We have a winner!!!!

Congratulations to…

Sarah, who said “Chicago! I crave thick-crust pizza, but live in a place where the only good pizza is thin-crust.”

A big thanks to all those who entered. There sure are some nice mentions of where to go savor! Wouldn’t it be a blast to visit them all?

( is providing the prize for this giveaway. GoSavor has not been compensated in any other way for this post.)


  1. 1


    I have been dying to go to Seattle… I have images of a pretty fabulous foodie scene there and I’d love to check it out for myself!
    The retreat will be great. Can’t wait to watch along!

  2. 2


    I would totally go to this little (big) spa in the cities that serves the most amazing salads and facials. ;) Great giveaway!!! Have an AWESOME retreat you fabulous ladies you!

  3. 6

    abrooks says

    Well, since I’m currently dieting and all my normal picks would blow that up, I guess I’d like to go savor in California! I’ll bet they’ve got “skinny food” down to an art!

  4. 9

    Tracy says

    Hm. I’m thinking Santa Fe and some chiles are what I need to cure my winter malaise!

  5. 13


    Since there are no wrong answers, I have to talk about my hometown of San Antonio. From the barbecue, to the Mexican food to the German favorites like Kolaches, found at every bakery, you won’t find a mix of different foods and cultures like that anywhere else on the planet. A lot of people say San Antonio is the birth place of Tex-Mex, which is a culinary experience unto its own. The best place downtown to get Tex-Mex is Mi Tierra, which is famous for being open 24 hours a day and offering up fresh tortillas made just before they’re brought to your table. Everyone has a favorite barbecue place, but mine is Rudy’s BBQ, the “Worst BBQ in Texas”. Their brisket and smoked turkey are what I hold every other barbecue to as a standard. My mouth is watering just thinking about it all.

  6. 14


    I want to return to Charleston, SC. Last time I went I caught the flu and couldn’t enjoy all the wonderful culinary delights!

  7. 17


    Long, long ago my family and I spent a few days in Toronto, and a few years back we went to Vancouver. I loved both Canadian cities and would love to see, smell, experience and taste more… especially Montreal. A nearby substitute to visiting the beloved city of Paris. Or so I hear. What a place to savor! Though, my fiancée and I are moving to North Carolina in a few months, and we’re darn excited to visit Savannah, Charleston and the like sooner than later. Enjoy your visit!



  8. 19


    I’d love to go savor somewhere that I can sample lots of different foods – maybe street food or food carts. I loved having that experience in Portland last year, but maybe I’d like to try somewhere more exotic next time.

  9. 22

    Jackie says

    I would love to fly to the East Coast and have a chance to see dear friends we haven’t seen in far too long. Going, we could take a flight to NYC, and we could see our friends and dine at a few places on our really-want-to-try list. We could then take the train to Philly and see friends we dearly miss. I’ve heard that Philly has become quite a restaurant town since I moved away in 1987, but where I really want to go is the Reading Terminal. I cannot believe that I never took my husband there when we were back in Philly. Sadly, we were always there due to my father’s poor health. Going to the Reading Terminal never crossed my mind. Now, I can’t believe I didn’t think about it. We could go before flying back home.

  10. 23

    Valerie Norris says

    We recently discovered Rick Erwin’s in downtown Greenville, SC’s Historic West End. Fabulous meal! I had the Flat Iron Steak and my husband had a filet and crab cake. The seafood bisque was delicious, too. And the desserts! Mmmm. Downtown Greenville has many fabulous restaurants, such as Sobe’s and High Cotton and many more. We’re working our way through downtown.

  11. 27


    Well, we are not a Southern site but I would love to do a culinary retreat in the Healdburg area of California if I was going to be local. If I was traveling either Portland, Oregon or Ashville, NC.

  12. 30


    I’d Go Savor Toronto. Different communities, nationalities and more great restaurant choices than you can count.

  13. 31

    Leigh Ann says

    In the town I grew up in, San Antonio, Texas…so many great places to savor delicious Mexican food.

  14. 32


    Well, of course in Oregon, where it’s always beautiful and green! :) I’d say hold the retreat in Ashland, where there’s many fine restaurants and unique places to stay. Shakespeare, too.

    Whatcha think, ladies? :)

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  15. 36

    sarah says

    Chicago! I crave thick-crust pizza, but live in a place where the only good pizza is thin-crust.

  16. 37

    Shawna O says

    I would go to Boston MA and eat Lobster! I’ve been wanting to eat Lobster in Boston for a very long time now. Unfortunately, I live in CA.

  17. 38

    Trena says

    I would go savor Kelowna! Dozens of wonderful wineries in the area, fresh B.C. fruit and local produce. Great place!

  18. 39

    Donna G says

    I can savor me some food in Austin, TX. From Amy’s Ice Cream to great Tex-Mex at Maria’s to Kerbey Lane Cafe to Jim’s for some awesome breakfast – Austin is second around here only to the Houston area, but I can have that any time.

  19. 41

    Deb says

    Charleston, SC! I want to go there! Soooo much food, so many different cultures! Yum!!!

  20. 42

    Wendy O says

    New Orleans is some place I’ve always wanted to go to just eat and maybe listen to a few tunes while I am there.

  21. 43


    There are some UNBELIEVABLY wonderful things to go savor in Door County, Wisconsin. Fantastic food from local purveyors (no chain restaurants are permitted on the entire peninsula!) and incredible works of art from local artists. All located on miles of beautiful Wisconsin beaches and Lake Michigan on one side, and fabulous Green Bay on the other. A FABULOUS place to visit!

  22. 44

    ashley says

    I would love to go back east to New York or even Boston/Maryland area for some wicked crab cakes and savoury lobster!!!!! I have had such a craving since we’ve transfered to CO for the military!!! We do not get much leave lately, and with 4 children (my husband and I BADLY NEED A DATE! we haven’t had a date for about 3 years now!), I would give anything to be able to have some much needed husband/wife time—–or even just some good’ol family time!


  23. 51


    I think you can find delicious food almost anywhere you go…. we enjoy traveling to Mexico and have found “fresh” food in many spots we love. I would love to travel the world someday (in my next life ha ha, kids in college) so I can experience the lives of many other cultures in their native locations. I’m a dreamer, so I’ve narrowed the scope a bit to include coastal cities of my very own country.
    What a lovely way to bring your experiences to all through technology! Thanks!

  24. 52

    Tammy Froelich says

    I would go back to Germany and taste more of their regional foods.

  25. 54

    Marnie says

    I would like to go to Hillside wineries in Naramata BC for a lovely lunch of local cheeses and fruit!!

  26. 55

    Kari says

    I would love to Go Savor Rome! Or more locally, Seattle seems amazing and you don’t hear as much about the food. I’m from the south so I’d love to explore more northern cuisines!

  27. 56

    Julie Rosier says

    I would go savor some peace and quiet and tranquility with nature in Townsend, TN tucked into a valley in the Smokey Mountains…ahhhhh….rest…..

  28. 59

    Deborah Sage says

    I would go to Italy to Go Savor!!! It has long been a dream of mine!!!

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