Gift Ideas for the Cook

Gift Ideas for the cook this holiday season.

Gift Ideas for the Cook

If you’re looking for some gift ideas for the cook in your life, I’ve gathered some of my favorites here—a couple of which are on my wish list too! Every good cook knows that it’s not about the tools that make the food taste good, but it sure makes it easier to have the right ones on hand. The list below ranges in price from stocking stuffers to big item gifts. You’re sure to find something for the chef or wannabe chef on your list.


1) Ice Milk Apron: I’ve been smitten with these heirloom quality aprons since discovering them a few years back. So simple, yet so elegant.

4) Salt Box: This little salt box may seem trivial, but I’ve grown quite accustom to using one, and would feel a little lost without one next to the stove while cooking. One would make a great stocking stuffer.

2) Julia Childs Mastering the Art of French Cooking: I’ve been wanting a copy of this forever. One of the quintessential books for any cooks library.

3) Lodge Cast Iron Skillet: You may find this a boring gift, but now that I know how important this black magical pan is, I’d be giddy to get another. It is one of the most practical cooking vessels for any cook.

6) Kitchen Shears: Kitchen shears are a multi-tasker in the kitchen. If you have a kitchen, you should have a good pair of kitchen shears.

8) Microplane: This tool has seen a workout in our kitchen from zesting to grating hard cheeses, and chocolate it’s a keeper. Another great stockage stuffer too.

7) Cotton Kitchen Towels: It’s hard to beat a good cotton kitchen towel. They’re great for a variety of uses in the kitchen. In addition to cleaning, I like to line bread baskets with them, and I even purchased a bunch to use as napkins.

5) Cuisinart Food Processor: This particular food processor is my favorite. It’s a great size, and a sturdy workhorse without taking up too much space. And it’s not crazy loud like some food processors can be.

9) Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven: Much like the cast iron skillet mentioned above, an enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven is an essential piece for a cook to have at their fingertips. From stews to whole chicken and many things in between they cook like no other cookware and are worth every single penny.

10) Blendtec Blender: This powerful blender has become something that is used almost daily. It’s great for smoothies, sauces, and soup bases to name a few.

11) Wooden Spoons: Such a basic tool, but well used.

12) Chef’s Knife: A great chef’s knife is a necessity to any good cook. Get a good one, and it will last a lifetime.


Happy shopping!


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  1. 5

    Kathy - Panini Happy says

    Great picks, Amy! I’ve had a high powered blender on my wish list for a few years. Maybe this will be the year! :-)

  2. 6

    Kim Beaulieu says

    I love this list. I just bought my sister the salt box on Sunday. I have no idea why I didn’t buy myself one. I should have. And cast iron skillets rule the world, I love mine and like you would love another. I’ve been trying to find a bigger one. They work great on grills too. I use them to caramelize onions on my grill.

  3. 7

    Lauren S says

    Thanks to your suggestion, I purchased the salt box and the salt that was recommended for a very difficult to buy for foodie type friend. I run out of ideas for her, but I know she will love this! Thanks for the great idea!

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