Ham and Cheese Sliders Recipe

ham cheese sliders

Sliders are a terrifically simple and tasty way to feed a group. Most sliders can be prepped ahead and popped in the oven to warm, then kept there until ready to serve. These easy Ham and Cheese Sliders are certainly one of those recipes that will please your party. These mini ham and cheese sandwiches are quick and easy.

Lemon Basil Garlic Butter Recipe

Lemon Basil Garlic Butter Recipe

This Lemon Basil Garlic Butter Recipe couldn’t be easier. For this compound butter fresh lemon zest, chopped basil and minced garlic are mixed with softened butter to create a flavorful packed combination that will make any biscuit better. The finished compound butter can be served right away or wrap tightly in wax paper and refrigerated for up to a week until ready to serve.

Lemon Ginger Tea Recipe

lemon ginger tea

This Lemon Ginger Tea can be served warm, sweetened to your preference with a little honey, or pour over a tall glass of crushed ice for a refreshing, crisp drink. Go ahead and stock up on more fresh ginger root and lemons. I think you’ll be making this again and again once you experience how easy and how satisfying it really is.

Fried Pickles Recipe

fried pickles

It seems that just about every food known has been fried. Some successful. Others, not so much. Most fried foods I can take a bite or two and that’s enough, I can take it or leave it. but there are other fried foods, like mushrooms, onions, or these Fried Pickles have a flavor and texture combination that just seems right. And to take one bite or two isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Comeback Sauce Recipe

comeback sauce recipe

I decided to make our own Comeback Sauce concoction so we only have to go as far as the fridge to get it instead of a drive-thru. I’ve made several renditions over the years, but actually took the time to write the ingredients and proportions down for this recipe this time. It’s a bit spicier, but just as addicting, perhaps even more so, than the original inspiration from down the road. The amount of spice can be adjusted to preference. If you don’t care for a spicy version easily cut the amount of hot sauce called for in the recipe below.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake Recipe

The perfect pairing of chocolate and peanut butter is so wonderful, it has been exemplified in many treats from candy to cakes. But come summertime, when that sweet cold treat craving comes a-knocking and you want a chocolate peanut butter fix, whip up this super easy Peanut Butter Chocolate Milkshake like the old time diner does it.

Rerun: Delicious Cherry Limeade

Cherry Limeade Recipe

Cherry Limeade is one of my favorite sweet drinks of all time. I don’t enjoy them often enough. Hitting the local drive-thru for a Cherry Limeade may seem like the thing to do. That is until you make your own at home with pure cherry juice and fresh squeezed lime juice. It’s hard to beat, and so easy to make too. An since you’re making it at home, you can make a large batch to share with your friends and family. It would be a great sweet drink for a pool party or to pack along for a picnic.

Black Bean and Corn Salsa Recipe

Black Bean Corn Salsa Recipe

Anytime is the perfect time for making salsas like Tomatillo Salsa, fruity Strawberry Salsa or this totally satisfying and hearty Black Bean and Corn Salsa. This Black Bean and Corn salsa is easy to make and even easier to devour. It’s such a tasty, colorful and healthy salsa to add to add to the table.

Grilled Pineapple Mango Salsa

pineapple mango salsa recipe

Fresh, homemade salsas are hard to beat. In the warmer months, I could be totally okay to just enjoy fresh salsa for a whole meal with chips or crudités. And not just savory and spicy tomato or tomatillo salsas either. Over the years I’ve really enjoyed trying different fruit salsas, like Strawberry Salsa, Peach Salsa, and this Grilled Pineapple Mango Salsa.

BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe

BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe

BBQ Chicken takes a turn on top of pizza with this easy homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe. Easily use leftover chicken to make this super tasty pizza in no time. It’s quicker than ordering take out! Summertime means many wonderful things, one of which is barbecue. This savory, southern staple can be dripping off the… 

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Rerun: Tomato Basil Bruschetta Recipe

Tomato Basil Bruschetta Recipe

This classic Tomato Basil Bruschetta is something we’ve been making for years and years. During the summer months we usually have tomatoes coming out of of ears, and this bruschetta is our favorite way to use them right away. It’s such a quick, easy, and versatile recipe. While it can be served on toast, in classic bruschetta form, we also eat it with chips, over grilled or baked chicken, or atop a hamburger. It’s some crazy good stuff. So simple, but powerfully tasty! The balsamic vinegar, basil, and tomato flavors meld together to create an addictive combination that is devoured in no time. A bushel of tomatoes don’t stand a chance!

How to Make Tea with Loose Leaf Tea

How to Make Tea with Loose Leaf Tea

I feel a little silly saying I just discovered tea. Humans have been drinking it for thousands of years and it’s only the second most consumed drink in the world behind water. And I myself have enjoyed tea in some form every day of my life since I could hold a sippy cup. So I was already a fan of tea, however, what I just discovered was how to make tea much better.

Watermelon Coconut Slushie Recipe

Watermelon Coconut Slushie Recipe

These summery Watermelon Coconut Slushies are so easy to make. Add some fresh watermelon, coconut water, a bit of sugar (if desired), and crushed ice to a blender then blend it right up. It’s such a colorful drink! Wouldn’t it be so pretty to serve for a cookout or picnic? Or maybe a baby shower? Just add a cute paper umbrella and maybe a fun straw too and you’re all ready to party with this Watermelon Coconut Slushie Recipe!

Cucumber Boats with Easy Greek Yogurt Dip Recipe

Cucumber Boats with Easy Greek Yogurt Dip Recipe

Today I’m sharing a crunchy and quick snack, Cucumber Boats with Easy Greek Yogurt Dip Recipe. I’m not quite sure if these greek-inspired Cucumber Boats could make it across the Mediterranean Sea, but they sure are the tastiest boats I have ever enjoyed.