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A few weeks ago the Farmer Gal at Farmer Gal’s Market passed on a Beautiful Blogger Award to She Wears Many Hats. I was supposed to follow up with a post choosing seven of my favorite blogs and at the same time tell seven things about myself that you don’t already know, but I’ve been dragging my feet.

Choosing the seven other blogs is the easy part. Well, kinda, sorta. Narrowing it down to only seven blogs is a little tough because there are so many fantastic blogs out there. The part I’ve been avoiding is the telling of seven things about myself.

I don’t want to tell you seven things about myself.

I’m just not that interesting.

So here’s the deal, I’ll list seven things about myself, if you leave a comment with seven things about yourself. Deal? Deal. Sounds fair enough to me.

But first, as far as the seven blogs I’d like to pass on the Beautiful Blogger Award to, I decided to make it easier to narrow down by selecting seven blogs that are fairly new, roughly a year old. Each blog recognized may carry on the tradition if they’d like by posting about seven other blogs and telling seven interesting things about themselves. Here they are, in no particular order…

1) A Cozy Kitchen – Stop by and take a gander at some tasty recipes and wonderful food photography.

2) The Sophisticated Gourmet – Would you believe me if I told you that there is a teenager blogging quite beautifully about food while attending high school full time? And what if I told you that it’s a guy? Yep. Meet Kamran.

3) Spontaneously Clapping – An expectant newlywed with stories, observations and yummy treats that will have you spontaneously clapping too. Be sure to tell Dandy I said “hey!”

4) Our Life in the Kitchen – Karen never fails to leave me craving for whatever she’s got cooking in her kitchen. Great photography, great food and she feels like a sister already.

5) Wenderly – Wenderly is brand new to blogging – like April 2010! I’m sure she has some great things in store for us. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

6) Three Many Cooks – A fantastic trio of mom and two daughters weave together a variety of recipes and life stories that’ll keep you coming back for more. Hey y’all, can I come over and we can make that Four Many Cooks? Just for a day? Purty please?

7) Tickled Red – A southern gal, married to a surfer dude. I’d say she’s got a lot to be tickled about. Don’t miss her variety of offerings that’ll leave you tickled too.

There are many, many blogs that I frequent that have been rockin’ and rollin’ for a lot longer – you can check some of them out here if you’d like.

Okay, moving on…the seven things about myself that I’d rather were left unsaid but I am relying on you to counter with your seven to make me feel better about baring my soul.

1) As a child I was freakishly strong. By the time I was in the 6th grade all the boys would test their strength by seeing if they could beat me at arm wrestling. I’ll not say how many young men were left in defeat. I felt very sorry for them. It was pitiful indeed. You think I’m joking? I wish I were.

2) According to the video, there was a time that I wore a bikini and didn’t care what my stomach looked like. Oh, the oblivion of childhood…

3) The video also reveals how I’ve got the beat. I’ve got mad skilz. Did you see those moves? Seriously, music makes me happy. Our home is full of all kinds of music. On another musical note, when I was younger I played the clarinet for eight years. Yesirree, I was a band geek.

4) In the 10th grade, Anthony C., a varsity football player, stopped by to re-test his strength with an arm wrestling match. Who won? Hmmm…who knows…I’ll never tell…

5) That same year, even though I was very much a band geek by that point, hearing of my incredible strength, the track coach “recruited” me (I don’t recall why, maybe Anthony told her to, or maybe blackmail was involved) as a pole vaulter. No, it was for discus and shot put…throwing them…through the air…great distances. And you know what girls on the track team wore back then? Bloomers. Freakin’ bloomers and a tank top. Mighty nice. I still shudder when I hear the word “bloomers.” And you will not find me in sleeveless attire – ever. Never.

6) That same year, whilst not hurling things through midair, because my parents wanted me to be well-rounded (and one day have a boyfriend, get married and have grandchildren for them), I was enrolled in a modeling/etiquette class. We all know how important working the catwalk is for clarinet playing shot put throwers. I really don’t know what was worse. Walking the catwalk in a leotard (yes, a leotard, and I was 15, and it was green) in front of a bunch of attractive young ladies who actually wanted to be there, or swirling around in bloomers to throw the discus.

7) My junior year I was drum major. And I think the only reason I wasn’t drum major during my senior year was due to an accidental (or was it?) trip into the men’s restroom after an honors band concert, only to find the band director from a neighboring school in his skivvies. Ahem. They were nice plaid boxers. Later when I walked into the drum major tryouts to find him as one of the judges, I knew my days of counting mark time were over. They missed out. I could conduct a darn good Sousa march with one hand, while arm wrestling with the other.

(For the record I am happily married to a man who met the prerequisite of having to be able to beat me at arm wrestling.)

So there, seven things. Done. Now it’s your turn. Leave a comment telling me seven things about yourself. Come on, it’s only fair. And I’d love to learn more about you too!

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  1. 1


    1. I feel the same way about these things. I never quite know what to say about myself! But now that I’ve read yours, I think I’m obligated to give you mine. And yes, I’m counting this ;).
    2. I just turned 17, which is both incredibly exciting but has forced me to realize that I have to make up my mind about where to go (and what to do!) for university – stat.
    3. Getting sick (pneumonia that triggered celiac, hypothyroidism, and many more) has been both the best and worst experiences of my life. It allowed me to find a beautiful new passion (gluten-free food!) but also stole a lot of otherwise healthy moments of my early teens from me.
    4. I used to be a dancer, a highland dancer to be precise. I loved it, kilt, bagpipes and all :).
    5. I consider food and fashion some of the most phenomenal forms of art, as they are necessary. We need them to live, yet what we can do with them never fails to surprise me.
    6. My dog’s name is Chili and in some way, I feel like that (I named him) was sort of like a prediction into my future. The kitchen steals my heart away whenever I enter :). He’s also this gorgeous red colour.
    7. Okay, just one more (they went faster than expected!): I’m Canadian, and it’s always felt like that is right for me. I love the snow. I love the sunshine, I love that we get a warm summer but not too hot that you need air conditioning all the time. I do wish we could grow more produce year-round, but the weather (and its randomness sometimes – snow in August, 20 degree weather in January) is always fun and interesting :)

  2. 2

    Jeannene Walker says

    Congratulations on your award, Amy.
    I am boring really, but here goes.
    1. I attended German high school for 21/2 years when we lived in Germany, forcing me to learn a foreign language. Wonderful growing up experience.
    2. I love to sing and do it okay.
    3. I play the guitar, passably.
    4. I like to ride horses and didn’t start until I was 39
    5. I write romances, hope to make it my retirement job.
    6. I love to bake all kinds of bread and lots of other foods.
    7. I recently rediscovered photography.

  3. 3


    1. I love this blog and was brought here by Lauren’s tweet.
    2. I was really awkward in high school (and still am to a certain extent). But I’ve become much more outgoing since going away to college. I think blogging has helped me in that way too.
    3. My youngest sister has autism. She was diagnosed when I was nine so…yeah, it’s been an interesting life so far and I’m sure it continue to be interesting. One thing I’ve learned is how to be patient and understanding. Another is my hatred for the word “retard” when used as an insult.
    4. My family has been pretty understanding of my celiac disease for the most part. Sometimes my mom doesn’t understand how depressed I get when I’m contaminated and sometimes my older sister sighs when I joke about having nothing to eat somewhere, but for the most part I have nothing to complain about. My mom is always cooking me yummy foods.
    5. I love photography and wish that I was better at it! I see all of these lovely food blogs with lovely photographs and get jealous!
    6. My iPod consists of movie scores. As a musician and a movie buff (and film minor at school) I can’t get enough of them. When I write, I’m usually listening to my newest score.
    7. I’ve been procrastinating, which isn’t usually a habit of mine. I’m usually right on top of everything, super organized and finished early. Now I have to get back to writing papers for finals.

  4. 4


    1. I can’t wear hats, because my head is too big.
    2. I’m Canadian, my dad stepped off the boat from Holland, and my maternal great great grandma was Sioux.
    3. My 14 year old daughter’s friends do not believe I am her mom. She is her father’s clone.
    4. My three daughters and husband speak fluent french. I can say Bonjour and smile.
    5. I am looking forward to a full head of grey hair. I think it looks so cool.
    6. My best friend hails from England but does not believe she has an accent.
    7. I’m worried about early onset Alzheimer’s…but can’t remember why.

  5. 5

    Amanda says

    LOVED THE VIDEO!!! SO CUTE!!! You’re lucky to have video you as a child. There is not one single video of me or my sisters until we are nearly adults. Not kidding.

    1. I have a big head.
    2. I go to sleep listening to audio books.
    3. I prefer to reread favorite books than starting a new one.
    4. I like to whistle, but it doesn’t sound good.
    5. I am terribly frightened of thunderstorms.
    6. I am terribly frightened of steep hills.
    7. I could walk a mile in the dark, not frightened at all by pitch black.

  6. 6

    Layla says

    1. Jesus Christ is my savior
    2. I am a proud newlywed
    3. I have a crazy obsession with Pottery Barn
    4. I love food of any kind
    5. Half my heart is left in Malawi, Africa after a 3 week trip there
    6. I am passionate about making a difference in the world
    7. My favorite show right now is The Vampire Diaries

  7. 7

    Randi says

    1.) Williams-Sonoma will be the death of my paychecks from my new job.
    2.) My favorite television show is House. Hugh Laurie is an amazing actor.
    3.) I have an amazing boyfriend, Erik, who is all for trying any gluten-free foods I make or buy. He’s ultra-supportive of my diet, among the other numerous reasons why I love him.
    4.) I am also very strong . . . when I was 15 years old I out-benched all the guys in the weight-lifting club (the “Bulldog Iron”) in my high school.
    5.) I have three screws in my right ankle.
    6.) I play fourteen instruments well (I play a few more not as proficiently): Violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar, bass guitar, bodhran (a traditional Irish drum), drum kit, Great Highland bagpipes, Uilleann bagpipes, bongo drums, piano, alto saxophone, and tuba.
    7.) Other than celiac disease, my other main health problems are hypothyroidism, asthma, and plantar fasciitis.

  8. 8

    Betty says

    What’s this about the men’s bathroom?

    I’ll have to get back with you on the 7 things.

    Love, Mom

  9. 9

    Tickled Red says

    Awww… what a cutie. I do not believe that there is any surviving video of me that young. I could be wrong. Thanks so much for the lovely compliment that you like my blog. I am blushing…even through the stripes :). Really seven things? Okay…

    1. I am weird. Flat out sci-fi loving, comic book reading, artsy fartsy weird but in a good way.
    2. I am a walking talking contradiction. old fashioned and yet still a modern woman (and etc…)
    3. I can’t resist Lays Potato Chips.
    4. I love consignment shops and yard sales.
    5. I have a thing for funky shoes & white shirts (lots and lots of white shirts).
    6. My favorite color has been Black since I was five.
    7. I am completely, madly, over the top enamored of my three guys. Which is ironic seeing as how I never thought that I would find my other half or be a good mom.

    Alright I am going to crawl under a rock now and hide from being in the spotlight & the over exposure :)

    Thanks so much again.


  10. 10

    Rose in Ohio (@RoseMillsOhio) says

    Congratulations, Beautiful Blogger! And you are so right about bloomers—the only time they are ever appropriate is on sweet little baby bottoms.

    Okay, deep breath. I can’t believe I’m doing this, but:
    1. I work in a public library and love every minute of it.
    2. Warehouses, gyms, theaters, and other large cavernous spaces make me seriously panicky. SERIOUSLY panicky.
    3. I once watched an entire Broadway performance of “Cats” through my little opera binoculars (because of #2 above).
    4. I am terribly, inexcusably, inexplicably vain. (so silly and embarrassing)
    5. From grades 7-12 I went to a tiny private school in NC where one of my classmates was Chris Daughtry’s dad. (Anyone remember him from American Idol?) How tiny was our school? We only had 29 in our graduating class.
    6. I teach Sunday School to 5th graders–the almost perfect age. (4th graders are the perfect age!)
    7. I was late to my own wedding. Fact.

  11. 11


    1. I was created last year by two crazy ladies!
    2. My head is WAY bigger than my feet
    3. Green is my favorite color
    4. Ed Begly Jr.and Oprah are my idols
    5. I’m marching in a parade on Memorial Day
    6. I once scared about 100 2nd graders on the playground at recess
    7. I love reading She Wears Many Hats and meeting new people

  12. 12

    Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen says

    Aw! I love this! So cool of you to give us a shout-out. Let’s see if I can come up with 7 mildly interesting things about myself. Hmm…okay, here it goes:

    1. I went to film school, but now am more interested in food. I don’t dare tell my parents that though. 😉
    2. I was stabbed with a pencil by a boy in 2nd grade on the knuckle and the lead is still visible.
    3. Being late gives me a panic attack.
    4. I have a food blog (as you know), but many nights I just eat cereal.
    5. Swap meets give me a panic attack, or basically anywhere with a large number of people and cheap quality, mass produced junk will result in me freaking out.
    6. I have this weird obsession with all things Texan.
    7. I’ve never broken a bone. (I’m knocking on wood right now!)

  13. 13

    Maggy@ThreeManyCooks says

    Yes, I love this too! Thanks for the blog love, and know that it is reciprocal – we love ya right back :) SO, I guess I’ve gotta give you my 7 things.

    1) I moved to NYC two months ago and I’m loving it!
    2) In my book, there ain’t nothing wrong with the occasional Fluffernutter. It’s my guilty pleasure 😉
    3) I spent 6 months living in Malawi building a maternity clinic there & I miss it there every day.
    4) I got married when I was 23 – most people say that’s too young, but for me – it was just right.
    5) I’ve never had a dog and feel I’ve been deprived of something wonderful – now that I’m a bit older and live in the city, I don’t want the responsibility nor would I keep a dog in Manhattan apartment, but I’d like a dog in the future!
    6) Nothing excites me more than getting a letter or package, so I send a lot of letters and packages because I know how fun it is to receive them.
    7) My favorite part of the day is the morning – sunny rising over the river, enjoying a cup of coffee and just having some quiet time for me.

    Thanks again, Miss Amy!


  14. 14

    Buckeroomama says

    I enjoyed the video (you`re so cute!!) and I enjoyed reading your 7 things! :) Okay, here`s my stab at 7 things —

    1) Similar to your arm-wrestling glory, no one could make me say Uncle in a hand-crush contest. I could hand-crush with the best of the boys and beat them. Still can. :)
    2) I can eat Ms.Vickie`s Kettle Cooked chips every day for a month and not tire of them.
    3) I think I would be happy working in the post office. Maybe.
    4) I love to watch Dancing with the Stars… and I don`t even dance! Perhaps that`s why.
    5) My hair is up in a perennial ponytail.
    6) I am not Canadian, but I am married to one.
    7) I am not Filipino, but I could speak like one. (Close your eyes and you would think you`re listening to a native speaker.)

  15. 15

    Patrice says

    Amy, your #6 cracked me up!!! Here it goes for me:
    1. I always wanted to be a doctor.
    2. I studied three languages in high school.(Spanish, French and Russian)
    3. My family was big time into community theatre.
    4. I was one of the girls in the modeling class who really liked being there.
    5. I’m an absolute clutz! I could trip over thin air.
    6. I think my hubby is HOT!
    7. My mother was exactly like Lucy in “I Love Lucy”.It made for a very interesting childhood.

  16. 16

    Lori says

    Congratulations on your award!

    1. I have always been impatient so much so that I was born in a car outside of the hospital.
    2. I once accidentally ate rabbit poop. It involved watching tv, eating popcorn and holding a pet rabbit. Yuck!
    3. I am the youngest of three children (probably something to do with being born in a car).
    4. I had a stillborn son 16 years ago.
    5. I have a beautiful daughter who has introduced me to so many amazing things. She is also my clone.
    6. I have a very soft spot for animals. I used to work at an animal shelter and started with one dog and a guinea pig and ended 9 months later with two dogs, three cats and a guinea pig.
    7. I have a wonderful life and an amazing husband.

  17. 17

    Wenderly says

    Amy, Thank you so much for the compliment, I am both flattered and honored! Congrats to you as well! :) I wasn’t sure if I should write 7 Things now or when I go to do my “pass it on” but I see that others are, so here it goes!

    1.I have a passion for all things creative.
    2.I can’t live w/out my coffee. every. single. day.
    3.I find it a secret challenge to make people smile, even the crotchety strangers in the store (they’re the best ones).
    4.I LOVE music. One of my favorite things to do is sing at the top of my lungs in the car (much to my children’s chagrin).
    5.I married a sweet Greek boy 17 yrs ago this Saturday, we spent the summer in Greece for our honeymoon (those will make some great posts).
    6.I’m an optimist through and through, a quote I live by is, “I believe that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do with what happens to you.” ~ Anonymous.
    7. I am very tender-hearted which can be good and bad… my girls have noticed that I can have tears sliding down my checks when I’m happy…and I explained that sometimes when my heart is so full…it just spills over…and those are the tears of JOY that they see..the beautiful part is that they are what makes my heart so FULL.

  18. 18

    kamran siddiqi says

    You are the most kindest person in the world! I could hug you right now! Thank you so much for the mention! I really appreciate your kindness! I’ll have to do the 7 things with a flickr photo (or my “ask kamran” post…)!

    Thanks so much Amy! And it was soo nice to learn more about you!

  19. 19

    Elaine says

    I loved loved the video. I am guessing you are about my oldest’s age. (she’s 32)You are lucky you look good in hats! I dont. As for 7 things?? well.. here goes

    1. – I married for a green card and accidentally fell in love – 25 years ago!
    2. – I lived my childhood dream when I bought my first horse at 30 – sadly moved and had too give it up but at least I did it for a while :)
    3. – I have an unreasonable fear of palmetto bugs.. aka – “HONEY – A BIG OL BUG IS IN THE KITHCEN!!!! YER UP!” i say unreasonable since I am fine with spiders and snakes.. seriously
    4. – I learned to speak french and often read blogs from France
    5. – I love cilantro – has same affect as catnip for me
    6. – I am an oenofile – ehem – aka wino :)
    7. – I love to blog. I am a technotard and blogger is making me nuts but as soon as I find someone to pay me to play with food, I am all over that baby :)

    thanks for sharing.. Love your site. Keep at it….E

    • 20


      Hey Elaine!

      Ha! 32? Add 10.

      So glad to hear more about you – I love cilantro too. I can hardly cook without it or basil.

      Thanks for stopping by! And thanks to everyone who has stopped by and left 7 things about yourself. I truly love reading all the comments – it makes my day!

      ~ Amy

  20. 21


    Somehow I missed this. Loved reading your 7 things. I was freakishly strong, too. But my mama. She was queen of arm wrestling and picking up grown men and carrying them around. She picked my daddy up one time and slipped and fell on a concrete floor. Her back hasn’t been the same since. Seriously. She was in her 20’s when that happened. The chiropractor has been her best friend ever since.

    Are you going to see PW in Charlotte?

    How’s that for doing what you asked? Sorry.

  21. 22

    Angela R says

    This is quite interesting.

    1-Today my one and only child turned 18. I’m answering “7 things” as I wait up for her for the last time:(

    2- The Pioneer Woman and I share the same birthday. Yes, we are the same age too.

    3- Never in a million years did I think I’d be a wine and spirits sales rep.

    4- When I became a sales rep., I never thought I’d do it for fourteen years. Thats because it’s so fun.

    5- I have never had a cavity.

    6- I have never had a broken bone.

    7- I want to start a blog.

  22. 23

    the country cook says

    1. I’m in the Library of Congress right now.
    2. Today I touched letters written by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.
    3. I actually live in California.
    4. I married my high school sweetheart and only boyfriend.
    5. I think my husband is hot…I do.
    6. I would generally rather eat a corndog than something fancy and gourmet.
    7. http://www.delightfulcountrycookin.com/p/info-booth.html

  23. 24


    Oh I’m so excited I didn’t even read thru the whole post!! Thank you!

    Now I’m going back to read :)

  24. 25


    And you said you’re boring… A clarinet playing, bloomer wearing, arm wrestling bikini goddess? I was totally intrigued.

    So, I get to opt out, right? Since I already shared my seven things over on my blog? I did think of one thing to share, though, while I was reading… I used to be pretty good at leg wresting, and actually beat a 250 lb. man once. It’s all in the technique, baby.

    But I’m sure you already knew that. 😉

  25. 26

    Lisa W says

    Just found your blog. Your writing style and humor are very appealing to readers. Your 7 unknows are downright witty while actually revealing something about your personality. I’ll get back to you on my 7 just wanted you to know I enjoy your writing.

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